Friday, March 29, 2019

The Snow Disappears

Over the last two weeks of March, the snow has steadily disappeared.  These are all just the view out back, but they give you the idea.  One or two steps backward some days, but only a little.Today the snow is GONE!

 Mar. 12 2019

 Mar. 13 2019

 Mar. 15 2019

 Mar. 16 2019

 Mar. 17 2019

 Mar. 18 2019

 Mar. 20 2019

 Mar. 22 2019

 Mar. 28 2019

Mar. 29 2019


  1. Yay for spring! Love the progression pictures. :-)

  2. Quite a difference over time. Ours is still present.

  3. The retreat was making such great progress in our area, now they are saying 20 cm tomorrow. (Upper Ottawa Valley)

  4. I am in favor of your snow being gone. You had good evidence of it disappearing. I saw a few piles of snow where it had been piled months ago and all that dirt and gavel looks pretty bad that is left behind.

  5. I just wonder if the last view is there to stay...even here I wonder that.

  6. Soon the duffers will be out there whacking the little balls.

  7. You show a nice pattern of your snow disappearing.

  8. The Ides of March have gone, so has the snow, and one lovely furry tail on the the photo sequence, it came and went and came again.

  9. So nice to see that snow going away we can soon come back to Ontario.

  10. Once this time of year comes along the snow doesn't last very long.

  11. Nice to see this series of photographs.
    But will the snow stay gone?

    All the best Jan

  12. Nice set of photos that say goodbye snow!