Sunday, November 26, 2017

More on Memorial Park

There is a bit more to Memorial Park than the Georgian Bay waterfront, though that's the highlight for visitors I'm sure.  A couple of months ago a friend showed me the trail through the woods.  It's not a large bush, but at least it's a little to walk through.

November Beech Leaves

One of Meaford's Big Red Chairs
The chair is crooked, not the photo! 

Part of the now deserted campground.  
These waterfront sites are popular during the summer! 
Might come and park ourselves here sometime on a sunny summer day.

 And into the woodland trail.

An old stump covered with tiny bracket fungi.

And a very interesting big flat boulder, almost looking like it had been cut this way.

 Eventually I circled around and ended up back at the water.

Where I amused myself a bit more trying to get shots of the foamy water running up on the beach.
Woke up to white again this morning, but only a little and it's supposed to be warm again by Tuesday.


  1. The woodlot is a welcoming sight to see.

  2. The bay looks like a great place to visit any season. I would prefer warmer weather for right now the water looks very cold. You shore pictures are very successful. I am entertained seeing the big red chair.

  3. It looks like a great place for a picnic, FG. I would love that place.

  4. Waves about like our ocean except during storms of course. - Margy

  5. I like that big red chair. This does look like an excellent place to be on a summer day.

  6. I agree that it all looks made for a warm summer's day but it's lovely to see at any time of the year! I always love to see sea foam. :-)

  7. The water pics are wonderful, and the white stuff, maybe a bit more will come your way , I never get tired of seeing ANY snow photos.

  8. Hello, lovely views of the water and coastline. The bracket fungi and moss are pretty. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  9. I can picture it in this weather too! Glad you are enjoying your area F.G.

  10. Might be a nice place to picnic in the summer or now for that matter. Lovely shots.

  11. that's some pretty fancy looking fungi!!!

  12. I love pebble beaches. Much better than sand