Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thursday Fences

Not getting out exploring enough, too much work going on around here.  So I finally took a break and went for one of those country drives, and picked up photos of a variety of things.  First, some fences.  I quickly realized that farms with animals (like horses or alpacas) in paddocks have the most fences!

One of my favourite well maintained fencelines, just down the road.  Some years there are cattle in this field.

Around the corner on Grey Road 12, and they are redoing the road.  All the guard rail fences are in, with the cables already attached, but they haven't been tightened yet.

I gave up on the gravel reconstruction and moved over a concession to go up the townline, past this metal fabricating shop.  Nice fence out front here too - one of those closely spaced ones to withstand the winter's snow and ice.

And on that road I quickly came to one of the horse farms around here.  This one has quite a few paddocks, and a number of people I know keep their horse there.

As you look across two or three paddocks, inevitably you see several fences.  But the horses certainly weren't interested in me.

Finally, one of them did look up.

Lots of fences here even where there are no horses in the picture.  The style of fences here are built to be easily visible to the horses.

After a loop north and back east, I returned down the 7th Line past the Alpaca paddocks.  With 6 big triangular paddocks , there are lots of fences here too.  I think you're looking across at least 6 fences.  The long points of all of the paddocks end at the barn, which makes it easy to let the animals out to their own field.

A couple of them were lying in the shade of the shelter in the closest paddock here.

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  1. Lots of great fences here! :-)

  2. Nice collection of fences (and cute animals!)

  3. Their own little gazebo for shade and shelter, love those rail fences.

  4. The animals look so peaceful. Fences make a great post.

  5. Love the old farm fences you can only see in the country, Great pics.

  6. so fun to get out and about, and explore nature. AWESOME fences...and alpaca, they are my favorite animal!!!

  7. Great group of animals and fences... I have a blog friend who lives out in the country here in TN --and she has a little pony. WELL-that pony is smart since it keeps breaking the fence... They've fixed it several times but somehow the pony knows how to break it and get out.... I had never heard of horses even trying to get out...

    Beautiful countryside up there.

  8. Sooner or later a horse will get curious. Good that the alpacas have a shelter.

  9. Excellent post---pun intended! Lotsa fences looks a lot like the countryside around here.

  10. It is taking something to keep my hubby in these days as the stirrings of a fall trip are making him antsy. So enjoyed the fields, fences and animals in this post. Thanks for the ride along.

  11. some wonderful fencery here! love the way they placed the rails in the horse fences and great alpaca shelter!

  12. Great fences, and alpacas are fun to see!

  13. Nice fences - and lovely views.
    Greetings from Finland.

  14. What great fences!
    Loving the horses and the Alpaca.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Awesome fences. I like the way they look like a zig-zag pattern. Nice horses and cute Alpacas too.