Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mid-August Garden Flowers

There's still lots of colour in the garden, but it's shifting from the multi-colours of the Day Lilies to the many yellows of the tall False Sunflowers and shorter Brown-eyed Susans.

We have a big circle of Brown-eyed Susans around a huge boulder in the yard; they'll be bright yellow now for at least a month.

But we also have some very similar looking flowers that are clearly not Brown-eyed Susans.  Yet another variety of False Sunflowers I think.

And I think these are actually Coneflowers.  They are over 5 feet tall, self-seed voraciously and would take over the entire garden in a year or two if you let them!

Put this altogether and the yellow is coming to dominate backed by the very tall (nearly 8 feet) False Sunflowers starting to come into bloom across the back of the garden.

Meanwhile, the Day Lilies are fading out, though there are a few bright ones left.  This is our nicest clump right now.

These are a nice Day Lily, but they're nearly five feet tall, and block other flowers in the garden.

While this pretty one is too short, and of course we planted it in the middle of the garden where it's almost hidden.

This one is just right.

The Phlox is blooming now; we have several colours.

And we have an unusual orange Crocosmia (usually red).  It was transplanted out into a more open spot last year, and has many more blooms this year.

And our tall pale lavender Vervain is just starting to bloom.  That's your mid-August seasonal update.

I haven't mentioned the weeds, 'cause I've been ignoring them in this awful heat, and I'm still ignoring them!


  1. They are still a lovely sight in the late summer.

  2. Love your flower gardens and I've noticed you folks Northeast of us up there in the Beaver Valley area seem to have a slightly different growing season than we do down here in Bayfield. I'm wondering if it might have some something to do with different soil types. Our Brown Eyed Susans are pretty well done I think.

  3. Your garden colour is wonderful and the plants are doing well in that heat. Lovely!

  4. I love yellow flowers. Great garden. - Margy

  5. I like the color of the day lilies but they get so messy looking. I dug out a bunch and planted plants that were less work. Too bad we don't live closer, I would have given them to you.

  6. Those last two pictures are stunning! :-)

  7. What a variety of plants and gorgeous colours, wonderful to see, as we are almost into spring, snowdrops, some daffs, the protea. and buds on cherry blossom trees, and some vines.21 Celsius today, the hottest since last summer. My pick for today, the red/burgundy day lily.

  8. Love your big patch of brown-eyed Susans!

  9. Awesome colorful pictures of you gardens there soon they will be gone for another season.

  10. Hello, gorgeous variety of flowers. I love the daylilies. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  11. Looks wonderful, FG. you certainly have some great shots there, too. We visited a beautiful garden near Harrogate at the weekend - the predominant colours were reds and golds; summer is still here, but autumn is just round the corner. I'm pretty sure we have Crocosmia but call it something else - Montbretia? I'm hopeless at anything to do with plants...

  12. Don't mention weeds!!!
    The colours of the blooms are just gorgeous

    All the best Jan

  13. Lots of beautiful colors... Our Day Lilies are almost gone too... I will miss them... Some may re-bloom this Fall.... Yellow is my favorite summer color --so I do love Black-Eyed Susans and Sunflowers.....


  14. Oh I love your yard and gardens. I like the more wild look. It is just beautiful.