Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Riding Toy Museum

Last week we enjoyed a fascinating visit to Meaford's Riding Toy Museum.  It was full of all kinds of toys a child could ride on - scooters, cars, wagons, sleighs, bicycles, tricycles and more!  Sadly, the gentleman who collected and restored all these passed away recently.  I had only met him once, out on the ski trails in the winter.  But a close friend of mine was also a close friend of his, and he was determined that we should come and see this while we still could.  The owner's wife gave us the tour.

This is a private personal collection built up over the past 15 years, and every toy was restored to riding condition.  There are several that visiting kids are allowed to ride too.

One of the prized toy cars, totally restored.

This dates from the days when the trunk was a trunk!  Notice the two postcards on the table.

This is one of those photos, showing the car as it was when it was found and brought home.  This gentleman had a complete shop for restoring these old toys, including a sand blasting set-up.  He did some truly remarkable work!

The batmobile is a favourite with visiting children.

The owner actually made these two toy locomotives himself.

An old wooden bicycle, one of a long line of bikes, against a wall of old sleighs.

Another mostly wooden bike, this one quite valuable because of the wooden wheel rims and the curved handlebars.

More types of scooters than I ever thought existed were mounted on one wall.  There were two walls of old wagons too, but somehow I missed photographing them.

Quite a few interesting old tricycles too.

And a whole wall of toy trucks, all designed to be ridden around the living room by a toddler.

Ontario has personalized license plates available; as we were leaving I noticed this.  This must be one of the most remarkable private collections that I've ever seen.  And an incredible investment in time to do the restoration!

Another great day for working outside here, and I'm making good progress (after four years of struggle) on our garden water feature.  Have to gather some photos of that soon.  Sun and clouds, but never got uncomfortably hot, so I got a lot done.


  1. Now that was an amazing tour and some remarkable work. You said a private collection so it is not open to the public, too bad.

    1. It's a private collection, but the owner always welcomed visitors. I'm sure they still would until a decision is made about its future.

  2. Such attention to detail and patience. Remarkable work!

  3. A remarkable collection that surely must be saved. I don't think I ever had a toy like that apart from trikes and bikes, of course.

  4. What a collection, and a very talented man to do restoration to that level, and make other models too.

  5. This is an amazing collection. I hope it will be able to stay together rather than split up to various collectors and lost.

  6. Simply amazing indeed, and I sure did enjoy thinking about being a kid riding one of those little cars. I especially loved the blue one with the trunk. And the wooden bikes, I never knew there was such a thing! :-)

  7. What a collection to have built up over time.

  8. A few of those take me back, but most are before my time (but not much). Hopefully the collection stays intact and goes to a public museum.

  9. It is a wonderful place! How lucky for you to see the collection!

  10. We had a friend who would have loved this museum. He especially loved trains. - Margy

  11. What a great place to visit. I had one of those push peddle cars, and I loved my red scooter. : )

  12. Water gardens can be beautiful and a bit of upkeep as well!