Monday, August 15, 2016

Rain, Wonderful Rain!

Occasionally I get tired of the rain - when we've had day after day with no sunshine.  But this time we rejoiced in the rain, along with most other people I'm sure.  After an extremely dry, drought-like month, we had rain from Friday evening on and off until Sunday morning.  And we're supposed to get an all-day rain again tomorrow.  I'm sure a number of crop yields have just gone up significantly!

Raindrops on a Crocosmia leaf. 

And on a Large-leaved Magnolia, 

On fallen White Ash leaves.

On a blade of grass, 

On Peony leaves 

And on the leaves of a Kentucky Coffee Tree (that survives but doesn't grow much this far north). 

On Day Lily leaves,  

And a lake on a Hosta leaf. 
We rejoice in the rain, and look forward to cooler weather too!

After the comments on yesterday's quilt barn, I've discovered that
it is actually part of a 'Barn Quilt Trail', just a few miles north of us.
I've found a map, and I'll head out soon to see what pictures I can get.
To answer one of the questions yesterday, these are quilt designs
painted on plywood and attached to the side of a barn,
not actual quilts in the traditional sense.

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  1. These are great shots! And like you, I'm just as excited about the rain. Tomorrow there will be a huge downpour, which is desperately needed. I just hope no one has any flooding!

  2. Hi Furry!
    Great rain drops shots...perhaps I will get a few myself tomorrow...fingers crossed!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  3. Lovely leaves with raindrops, the Hosta has a small pond there. And the barn quilts, yes, painted wood, but a wonderful design.

  4. Send some over here! We're dry dry dry! :-)

  5. Come and live in England, enjoy rain nearly every day! (though it's actually been quite dry recently).

  6. Lovely images!
    Have a great week!

  7. Awesome shots, you captured the drops perfectly :-)

  8. Beautiful raindrops!
    Recently it has been raining here in Finland too.
    Farmers are waiting for sunshine.

  9. Rain glorious rain ... and great photo's showing it.

    That quilt trail sounds good, something I'd like to do if I ever was in the area

    All the best Jan

  10. Wonderful life giving rain sure refreshes the air and everything it touches.

  11. Hello, pretty captures of the rain drops. We have been having thunderstorms every evening. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  12. It is interesting that the water beads on the plants, as if they are newly waxed.

    I look forward to the quilts.

  13. We got that heavy rain as well, and we're due for more starting sometime in the afternoon. We do need it.

  14. So glad you got a good soaking. I'm hoping for some rain here - it's been dry as a bone for several weeks. I prefer cloudy, wet days to the sunny wilting-hot August days.

  15. Ah yes, wonderful rain. Fantastic captures of those rain drops.

  16. We were so thankful for the rain....and let me tell you, we got a LOT on the weekend! It is raining again as I type.
    I love your photos of the raindrops on the leaves.

  17. There are quilts on barns in certain areas where the quilt groups are organized. My mom was a quilter and I have too many quilts to distribute. I thought everyone's mom quilted but now learned most did not. The newer quilter is a more modern artist with their neat colors and designs. My father in law had a coffee tree on his farm and it grew very well. I have some wood from that tree and the inside colors of the tree is brown.

  18. I love the rain and we haven't had much of it this summer here in Montreal, Canada. Your photos are gorgeous, captivating, refreshing and welcoming.

  19. As I'm sure you are aware, they have just released the report on Will's crash. I checked back and found that I had posted a photo of his plane in Rocky Mountain House I took in 2014 at: Thanks for your comments on my blog - enjoyed reading all about Will and your travels.

  20. The blessing of rain on a dry land is to be grateful for. You've captured these drops superbly. Nothing better than petrichor.

  21. Love those raindrop images. We have also been having unusually wet weather here in south Florida. Too much time indoors!

  22. Yes very welcomed rains indeed , just wish it didn't get more humid afterwards and brought some cooler air with it all ! It has been very windy here today after all the rains to , but sunny now and the lands and gardens are very happy . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . have a good day !

  23. Hi, I did enjoy seeing the Quilt Barn... Can't wait to see more.

    I wish we could get some rain here. We are in a horrible DROUGHT... No rain in probably 2 months or more --and it's extremely hot and humid.... We try to water our yard/flowers/plants a little just to keep them alive.. Very sad!!!! SO---please send some of your rain down here. Thanks!


  24. We needs some rain. After a wet start to summer, it's become very dry. Tomorrow is the start of the fire ban, no campfires, nothing burning. We don't want any fires. - Margy

  25. We've had some delicious rain this week. Wish we had a barn quilt trail... I've been trying to let people know about them; hoping it will catch on here.