Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Green World

It's the greenest time of the entire year around here, especially with all the rain we've had.  As summer arrives, the grass will dry a little and the garden flowers will explode in colour, but from late May to mid-June it's just lots of deep rich green.

By the end of May the Ostrich Ferns in the woods are completely unfurled, forming large patches of green.

The bright light green of May is gone in the woods, and where the forest is dominated by Sugar Maple, it's a much darker green place to walk, full of vegetation (and unfortunately mosquitoes)!

The canopy has closed in except for a narrow gap over the trail.

And our garden was entirely green, the dark green of those White Peonies in the centre of the picture, and my Rhubarb patch on the far left.  This was three weeks ago, and all the White Ash leaves (the leafless trees in the background) are barely emerging, the last tree to grow its leaves in spring.

But now, looking along our fencerow, even the Ash leaves are entirely out; the entire yard is green.

And under those trees along the fencerow are the Hostas, now also completely out with a variety of green leaves..

Our Hostas are now growing so healthy that some are getting hidden underneath the leaves of the larger plants.  A big project this summer is to transplant those Hostas so they'll survive.

And out around the valley, the first cut of hay is well underway; all of the trees in the fencerows are fully green.

Even the corn is up a healthy 8" where farmers got it in early.  It's the greenest time of the year in the valley.

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  1. Green is so soothing and these pics are so wonderful!

  2. Hi Furry.....
    You certainly have your own piece of paradise there! Fantastic.....
    Linda :o)

  3. Happy to see greens every where!! It tells how pleasant your place will be...

  4. It seems that everything turned green over night.

  5. Lovely photos ! All our flowers have bloomed now and are looking very happy with all the rains we have had now looking for sunshine that will be later today . I have those ferns in my gardens and around some trees I love them . Looks lovely in your neck of the woods to . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Just beautiful! To illustrate how early we are this year, our corn is knee high. In June! Love your beautiful pictures filled with fifty shades of green. :-)

  7. It's always so wonderful to see all the green grass, ferns, and grain growing in the fields. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  8. Beautiful greens. Those ferns, left to their own devices, really do grow!

  9. All those different colors of green - beautiful!!
    Lots of ferns up at HT too.

  10. I love the green this time of year too! Your garden looks lovely, I bet it is beautiful in bloom:)