Saturday, June 13, 2015

Following my Butternut Tree

If I don't bring you a report on the Butternut tree I've been following today, I'll have missed 3 months out of six!  Talk about unreliable.  Luckily, this time I actually have something to report - the leaves have come out, after four months of identical dull grey branches!

This is the Butternut today, the tall one in the background.  A smaller White Ash covers much of the right hand side.

Three weeks ago, this was what the tree top looked like, bright yellow-green leaves just emerging.

The leaves came out, but I'm still concerned about the sparse branches, and two new large dead branches.  I'm worried about that Butternut Canker disease.

Within a few days, the leaves had come out much further, but I'm still concerned about how sparse they are.

This is a close look at a leaf on one of the many Butternut children around the yard.  Yes, I said 'leaf'.  This is one leaf, made up of about 20 smaller leaflets, so it's a 'compound' leaf, and quite a large one.

This is the top of the tree today; it's looking a lot more filled out and a deeper green.  I'm still not sure that means it's healthy, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

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  1. I feel like I know your butternut tree. It looks good to me, and I sure do hope it's healthy. It seems late to be leafing out, though. I keep forgetting it's only mid-June. :-)

  2. it is such a beautiful tree, i love the color of the leaves!!!!

  3. I haven't see a butternut since I was 26 years old. Let's not talk about how long that was! One of my first childhood memories was gathering butternuts by our house in Vermont.

    I'm getting caught up on you posts that I missed whilst traveling.

  4. Getting to know this tree. : ) Looks nice and green and pretty.

  5. Such a large stately tree well worth watching:)

  6. I hope the tree continues to carry on for some time to come.

  7. Best of luck with the tree. It looks like a cousin to black walnuts.The nut hulls could really stain a pair of shoes if stepped upon in the yard.

  8. It's a beautiful tree and looks pretty healthy now.

  9. Good to finally see it green! Looking good I would say.