Sunday, June 28, 2015

Late June Flowers

I think it's time for an update featuring what's blooming in our garden, if I can get all the names straight.  We've changed from mostly green through a white period of the early peonies and white iris, to some vibrant colours, and it's just going to get more colourful over the coming weeks.

First were the large bright pink Peonies, here being visited by a bee.

We've got several shades of these, but now that we've had several days of heavy rain, they're looking bedraggled, as Peonies do.

And our very first Day Lily of the season bloomed, a simple colour pattern, but a bright one.

We've had this very pretty and delicate little Lily growing for several years, but this is the first time it has bloomed, with several blooms on the plant.

Our tall orange Foxtail Lilies are halfway through there blooming period, providing tall bright orange exclamation marks around the garden.

They bloom slowly from the bottom up; only a short section of the flower stem opens at a time.

And of course there are a few Sweet Williams tucked away in a corner, now getting overgrown by taller plants around it.

And one of my personal favourites, a contrasting purple and white Bachelors Buttons.

This is a new one for us, a Rodgersia.  We've had these distinctive very large leaves for several years, but never a bloom.  This year it sent up a tall flower spike and burst into tiny white florets.

Very delicate tiny flowers for such a large plant, and we're glad to see it blooming!

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  1. Lovely collection of blooms, and some nice macro shots too!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I love the peonies and the lilies.

  3. Beautiful! I love the pretty bachelor's buttons. They would be my favorite, too. But it would be hard to decide on a favorite with so many to choose from. :-)

  4. the blooms are beautiful but the light is extraordinary!!!! love me some peonies!!!

  5. Looking forward to a whole garden view after these samples! Great photos from your garden.

  6. Beautiful blooms!
    I've never seen a Bachelor's Button like that one - so very pretty!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Gorgeous colours. I like the foxtail lily which is a new one to me.

  8. Nice collection of flower photos! I like the pic 4 lily and the Sweet Williams the best.

  9. Stunning series of macros. Those flowers are gorgeous colours. Adore the first macro particularly

  10. So beautiful colors you got there. That Sweet Williams, is that a carnation? I am not very familiar with temperate flowers and most of my shots when i visit these countries a few times, i don't know the name. I am looking for the lupines and pansies too, don't you have them?

  11. Sweet Williams are not Carnations, but are related; they're both in the Dianthus family. We didn't plant any Pansies or lupines this year, though we usually have a few around.

  12. You sure have a spectacular garden! Thanks for sharing its loveliness with us.