Friday, May 2, 2014

Valley Skies

One of the things I'm much more aware of now that I'm enjoying photography so much is the sky.  I'm always aware of what a difference it makes in photos to have some blue sky behind your subject.  And often the sky itself, and its cloud patterns is a worthy photograph.  Here are some nice sky photos from around the valley recently.

There are almost always turkey vultures soaring somewhere nearby when I look up at the sky.  I caught this one when I was out shooting some of the streams of spring.  Changed to 'sports' setting and quickly snapped off a few photos.  Remarkably, it turned out well.  When they're close enough you can see the dramatic colour difference in their wings; they're not all just black.

This photo was taken right at the end of our driveway one sunny afternoon as I arrived home.  Decided not to deal with the hydro wires; the sun shining on them is part of the view too.

Took this picture just yesterday, during a brief break in the clouds.  This barn is on one of the properties owned by the Bruce Trail and is being retained and used for hay storage.  It's currently being repaired, so I dropped by to say hello to the contractor we've hired.

Ok, these ones are not in the valley, but driving home from seeing the dentist in Guelph last week I drove through the big wind farm near Shelbourne and snapped a few photos.  I liked how these ones lined up into the distance.

And just in case you get the wrong idea, valley skies are often not blue at all.  We're in a discouraging run of cloudy, wet, cold, drizzly days at the moment; this was the sky yesterday.  Not much good for the gardening I need to do!

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  1. You are SO right... Having blue skies and puffy white clouds really enhances any photo... You go some GREAT shots. One of my favorite shots of yours today is the one of the old barn with the red roof and that blue sky.... Awesome.

  2. Beautiful shots!

    I've seen those ones near Shelburne... and admittedly I felt queasy and dizzy.

  3. I love blue skies. Here in the PNW, we don't see much of them from November-June.

  4. The first and last are just superb sky shots. There is so much variety to the blues in both.
    Yesterday was 5 degrees C, raining and windy but I still weeded and planted. It's not so bad once you're out there.

  5. Always worthwhile to keep an eye on the sky. As a former farm worker I was always watching the sky for clues about the approaching weather. Later when I was a walks leader for a firm specialising in walking holidays I realised that many people don't watch the sky or have a clue about the weather. Keep skywatching.

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  7. Very nice collections of skies! We still have chilly weather here...36 degrees this morning!

  8. Great series of sky shots. The sky is always different and I love looking up. : )

  9. Beautiful series on the sky! I love watching the clouds! Lovely shots..

  10. Beautiful skies! I've tried to be out between the rains this weekend. We've gotten rain, hail and wet snow and everything in between. :)

  11. Since you say "we" about the Bruce Trail, I assume you are involved in some way. Awesome!

    1. Yes, my health doesn't allow me to hike long distances or fast, but I volunteer to coordinate all the volunteer Land Stewards who watch over the properties the Bruce Trail Conservancy actually owns and cares for. So in this area I oversee 41 different properties the trail goes through. I also lead 'slowpoke walks'.