Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trilliums Along the Trail

At the end of the Mac Kirk Side Trail at Old Baldy, you come out to the cliff and follow the main trail back towards the cars.  Along this trail is the best concentration of trilliums, so here are a few pictures of the trillium carpet - and then the view from the cliff.

This is about as good as it gets for trilliums around here, though I had to take some shots three times to avoid black flies sitting on the camera lens. 

Here the side trail ends as you approach the cliff (behind me) and you get some idea of what a nice beckoning trail it is heading through the woods - except for the black flies at the moment.  We turned south on the main trail briefly to catch the view from the cliffs before heading back past all the trilliums.

Old Baldy is a huge vertical rock face of Amabel Dolomite, towering above the village of Kimberley in the Beaver Valley.  This is the view south toward the narrowing end of the valley where several of the waterfalls I've posted pictures of in the past are found.  The clearing on the far right slope is a ski club; we live just to the right of that, outside the valley itself.  The white dot near the top of the ski club is a snowbank, still not melted.

This view straight ahead of the cliff, looking west shows the now bankrupt Talisman Ski Resort, which I've written about before.  Most recently the main property has been sold for a potential hotel/spa.  On the left of the picture is the corner of the village of Kimberley.  The Bruce Trail runs all along the top of the slope on the far side of the valley.

And the last view looks north, where the valley begins widening out and swinging to the right.  You can see a huge soft maple swamp occupying the flat valley bottom in the distance (looking a little reddish/brown), through which runs an interesting canoe route.  Hope you find these views of the Beaver Valley in spring interesting.


  1. The views from the escarpment are so breathtaking! Beautiful shots!

  2. Looks marvelous! The carpets of trilliums are wonderful!

  3. About the trilliums, all I can say is WOW !!!! We have no white trillium in the forests in my area -- white-tailed deer have devoured them and are working their way through our painted trillium.

  4. As usual, your pictures are amazing.

  5. gorgeous spot. I've spent precious little time in Southern Ontario. All of it has been whizzing thru on highways or train tracks.