Monday, April 7, 2014

Real Plants and the First Flower!

Our world is still mostly white here (dirty white), but one end of the scree garden has emerged from 5+ months of hibernation, and real plants are visible!  And in one of our neighbour's yards, enough snow has melted to let the first aconite bloom - the very first flowers of the year here.

These are the aconites, just unfolding, but adding a bright splash of yellow already.  They were covered in snow only two days ago. A stray hawthorn berry there too.

I was also able to get my macro lens out of hibernation for the first time in months, and checked out some of the actual green plants no longer under the snow in our scree garden - though I had to walk across the snow to get to them.

These tiny alpine plants are among my favourites; they do eventually send up flower shoots and have some very interesting blooms.

I always think this one looks like it has cobwebs stretched over some of it. These ones are all less than an inch across.

This one is a bit larger, the two larger florets more than an inch across, and a deep reddish purple colour.

And there was one perennial rising through the scree gravel.  I suspect these may be the tiny blue iris that is one of our own earliest flowers.  I'll have to keep you posted.

In honour of getting my macro lens out of hibernation for the season, I'm linking to:


  1. Hooray for flowers! Glad to see your snow is melting.

  2. Yay. It's great to see these first blooms of spring. Nice macro shots too.

  3. You have more color popping up than we do! We don't have snow, but no flowers yet either.

  4. Lovely!

    Our snow's very gradually melting.

  5. Well you must be tickled pink!
    Saucy succulents!
    Linda :o)

  6. There you go! It's really spring!

  7. looking forward to being kept posted. Spring doesn't hang about once it gets the chance, does it?

  8. I love my succulents; the Spider Web ones in my garden are slow to multiply I have found. I am thinking if there was not still 2 ft of snow on my one garden the Primoses would be surfacing soon.

  9. Love the aconite. I can't seem to get it to take hold for me. The sempervivums are great. I love succulents.

  10. Not too long ago I had a picture of aconite on my blog. You are the one who identified the name for me. : )
    Glad to see that you are seeing signs of spring!!

    1. I remember that. I like it because it's the very first flower here, while snow is still on the ground, and it's such a bright yellow.

  11. What a pretty little flower that Aconite is! I have never seen it before. I would call that succulent Hen and Chicks...and they multiply over the winter! Lovely bits of green and purple:)

  12. How wonderful! I love the shapes and the colours of the succulents.

  13. I recognised the dark red sempervivum. Maria gave me some of these years ago!
    Getting back home was a bit of a shock. I have never seen that much snow in early April.

  14. Such beautiful glimpses of emerging life. A great collection of photos.