Thursday, April 24, 2014

Early Spring Flowers

The snow is almost all gone now, and in spite of temperatures that are still quite cold, flowers are coming up in the garden on schedule as the last snow melts.

The fern leaf peony is one of the earliest peonies to arise from the earth, and I'm always fascinated by how it looks and how fast it grows.  Watch for more pix of this one in the coming days.

 A few more of the dwarf iris, these ones a lighter blue, backlit in the sun.

We only have a few snowdrops, and they're along the fencerow where the snow lasts a long time.  So for snowdrops, they actually bloom quite late.

A bright clump of miniature daffodils in the scree garden.

This is the last little patch of snow at our place.

Elsewhere there are still lots of snow patches, along fencerows where the warmer afternoon sun doesn't shine much, or where huge snowbanks were.  Not too long now til it's all gone.

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  1. Hooray for spring flowers and no more snow! Those first flowers are really weird. Look like they have spiked haircuts. :)

  2. Lovely early flowers!

    We are at about the same point as you. Most of the snow is gone despite the chill and the first flowers are showing up.

  3. It's surprising but nice when the early plants bloom.

  4. Lovely flowers, the tiny Iris, my pick of the bunch, superb lighting for that one. Cheers, Jean.

  5. Amazing how the flowers manage to pop through --even when there's still snow around... Those flowers are as anxious as we are to experience SPRING... ha

    I've never seen the Fern Leaf Peony before... Such an interesting flower...

    I know you are glad to be getting rid of that snow!!!!


  6. I like those miniature shaving brushes in the first photo! Over here we're into late spring, but it's every bit as beautiful and surprising.

  7. Don't know that first one at all. I'll be interested to see how it develops.

  8. Pretty pictures. The fern leaf peony is really interesting looking at this stage. Our snow is about gone too but we had a dusting last night which has since melted. Flood watch is still on here in Fredericton. Hoping for the best for those in it's path.

  9. Lovely pix! I had no idea that Iris could bloom so early. Your photo certainly conveys their beauty.

  10. Glad to see some flowers blooming there by you. They are so pretty.

  11. No spring flowers here yet, but it's getting closer!