Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Misty, Rainy Mornings

Back to something more my style - we've had a cool and wet June so far here, another day of rain yesterday, and another misty morning today.  The world is just drenched out there!

Trying to get a picture that captures the atmosphere of a day like this is harder than I thought.  After taking several I found that something in the foreground to provide a point of reference was what made the picture.  This is the cedar rail fence that frames our 'cultivated' garden, and separates it from the 'wild' meadow behind.

The huge elm tree across the road, somehow still alive and healthy, here just a faint shadow in the mist, is also a big marker looking out our back windows.

Close-ups of water droplets provide a totally different perspective on the wet world out there, here on a rose bush that's grown up all by itself in a corner of the garden.  Hard to get in focus if there's any breeze at all!


  1. Great batch of photos! I love that first one in particular. There's something very appealing about a misty day.

  2. I loved these shots, the mist adds mystery to the scene. Just lovely.

  3. Thanks! I tried about 20 different shots that morning, but that first one turned out best.