Sunday, June 23, 2013

Honey Locust Trees

Driving here and there recently I've noticed clusters of lighter coloured trees in the distance occasionally.  Then one day I drove past such a group of trees fairly close - they were honey locusts.

Honey locusts are actually in bloom just now, and their blooms are so obvious that they turn the trees white.  These trees were recommended for fencerows and windbreaks many years ago, and you find them planted in groups around old homesteads, and occasionally a row of them forming a fencerow down the edge of a field.

You can recognize them even in the winter by their twisted, crooked trunks and upper branches.  There are no nice soaring symmetrical canopies; these trees seem to have to fight their way to reach the sky.  

The blossoms are somewhat like pea flowers, hanging in heavy clusters.  Although the leaves are already out, they will fill in after blooming so the tree does end up looking green.

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