Friday, November 25, 2022

Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery

CAUTION!  Far too many photographs, scroll through quickly!

After several posts describing our big snowstorm last weekend, I am taking you back to Barrie.  Remember when we learned about the button on the dashboard, a very easy fix and much appreciated!  

To pick up the story, after leaving the car dealer, and braving a couple of miles on Hwy. 400, we found Bradford Nursery which Mrs. F.G. wanted to visit and spent an enjoyable hour or two exploring the galleries.  It was huge!  Not actually our kind of place, but Mrs. F.G. hoped she might find the odd interesting plant, so that is what she was looking for.  

I did not realize that polar bears were a big part of the Christmas story, but they were what welcomed us here.

There was more greenery available than you could shake a stick at, but for people who are used to going out and cutting their own, this was an expensive way to get it!

And I am pleased to report that they had quite a good collection of Furry Gnomes.

But it was the plants that Mrs. F.G. was interested in, the house plants specifically.  I think that is going to be her new winter hobby this year.

So we found our way (past the furniture and clothing sections) to the house plant section.  It was a huge area!  Here is a selection of what I saw.

Of course they also had Poinsettas, and we bought three, two as gifts and one for ourselves. Ours is shading my laptop as I write this.

And then there were more Furry Gnomes.
And I look just about as shaggy as these gnomes at the moment!

So with our main reason for driving to Barrie dealt with (that button), we said good-bye to Bradford Greenhouse Galleries and headed home, a long but successful day.  And Mrs. F.G. took four new plants home with her.

Today it is drizzling and the snow continues to melt, a dull grey day.  Small bits of the garden and patio are now bare, all the driveways and the road are too.  It is supposed to hit 10°C tomorrow, so I think most of the snow will be gone.


  1. That looks like a very special place, and you continue to do so well with your phone camera. It really looks sharp.

  2. Great photos, and I enjoyed scrolling through them, stopping to see what interested me. I love going to huge nurseries like that, but seldom do, simply because I don't have room for more plants.

  3. That sure is a huge place!
    I'd love to spend some time walking around in there.
    Enjoyed all the photos!!!
    Loved the Gnomes and the polar bear too.

  4. What a wonderful garden centre! I can almost smell the dirt and plants from here. :)

  5. That is one very huge nursery!! I like the Polar bear with his cute scarf.

  6. Nurseries have come a long way since the time they were only open in the spring to sell plants. They are interesting places to tour now.

  7. That's quite a place. You're lucky they let you leave, they might have thought one of their gnomes was trying to run away.

  8. What choices, do they have heating there with all that wonderful glass to let in the sunlight? Love the red Poinsettias, they are such a lovely deep colour. And The Furry Gnomes, did you order one for yourself?

  9. That nursery is quite the operation! Beautiful things! Love those gnomes!

  10. What a beautiful place! I love it all. The gnomes must have been fun to see. Never apologise for too may photos. They are easy to scroll through. JB isn't on the family photo stream, so I'll often put them into my post. Plus, when we go for a drive, he drives, I take drive-by photos. He really likes to see where we've been.

  11. What a great place, I did enjoy seeing all of the photographs.
    I just love the gnomes :)

    All the best Jan