Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Spring is Emerging!

I've been watching the first flowers emerge here in our yard and looking forward to the green transformation of spring and a few actual blooms.  These are the first few, 3 in bloom, and several leaves emerging promising blooms later in the spring.  And in case you're wondering, the Pansies are doing fine in spite of being snowed on 4 times.

The first two of the tiny 'species' Tulips.  I haven't actually seen these as they're off in a corner I can't access with my wheelchair.

We do have a few Hyacinths which Mrs. F.G. planted around our little Birch tree in the front yard.

She brought in a single stem to liven my olfactory day, which it did quite effectively.

And there are some tiny Primrose that I can see from the window that have just flowered in the past 48 hours.

These are Columbine leaves, coming up as volunteers in a Hosta pot.  Without intending to we brought several from our last house.

Three big Alium that were planted at the back of the yard.

And just yesterday I noticed several Hostas like this one, just emerging in the gravel of our little strip of scree between the front sidewalk and porch.  These ones looked as if they were literally growing as I watched.

I'm still waiting for a call back from the wheelchair technician, but I got out yesterday in the sun for another ride up and down the street.  The battery behaved a little better, only declining to 75% after 6 laps.  Still not enough to get downtown and back, but at least I can get out and inspect the same 18 houses (+ three under construction) on our street over and over again as I go back and forth!

Hope you're having a good week.  We're scheduled for three days of rain now.


  1. I bought some pansies after seeing yours but they aren't doing much. I think they would like a bit of warm weather and some sun which won't be happening for a few days. The yellow cheers me up though when I see them.

  2. Hello, beautiful blooms. Spring time is so colorful. I hope all goes well with the battery.
    Take care, have a happy day!

  3. I love those days when the green shoots seem to pop up overnight, you have an amazing array of bulbs and the purple hyacinth, that is a great delight to see and smell the perfume.Hope the battery malfunction is fixed soon.

  4. A surprisingly nice day today, had expected rain. We are so fortunate to live in a four seasons climate where we get to see four major changes to our outdoors each year. Each season has it's own unique beauty. Spring is my second favorite with early Autumn my first choice. Then Summer and of course Winter last. And it always seems the harder the Winter the sweeter the Spring:))

  5. You are having a great show of spring flowers. My hosta are at about the same stage. The ones in the sun do grow better even though they like shade. I am waiting to see if the voles had devoured a lot of my plants.

  6. How lovely your yard is becoming. I am sure that it is very inspiring. That hyacinth must smell wonderful.

  7. Nice to see your spring flowers. Pansies are pretty hardy plants!!

  8. Seeing Flowers blooming at this time of year puts a smile on everyone's face.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Technician's visit.

    It's about time.

  9. Such fun to watch spring arrive and see new growth!

  10. It's a great time of the year when you can sit and watch the garden come alive.

  11. It was a warm day but we sure would have appreciated sunshine. At least we didn't get the forecasted rains. The winds are crazy this morning again up here and some drops on the south facing windows. An indoor day.
    Love the flowers and I agree about the hostas, they make huge strides in growth daily. :)
    Take care!

  12. Well, I'm glad to hear that the battery is somewhat better. But still. And I do love seeing your outdoors come alive. :-)

  13. i am so happy you got out. the builders must think you are crazy, back and forth, back and forth but if it works, it is wonderful!! you have a lot of beautiful plants to look forward to!!!

    we have had a couple nice days and we went out yesterday, don't tell anyone!!