Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Weird Robin

We have Robins within sight out the window almost all the time.  They forage out on the golf course and regularly alight in the yard, often quite close to the window.  But this spring we've had a really unusual Robin with us.

Here's our typical 'Robin Red-breast', the breast a deep orange.

But here's the unusual one, the breast only a pale orange, and much of it just white.

Our typical Robin has a black head, and very dark feathers on the rest of its body.

But this year's stranger has only a grey head and the rest of its wings and tail are light grey.

We've wondered what brought about such a change in appearance, but have to assume it's just a lighter shaded Robin.  It doesn't appear to be 'leucistic', a condition featuring white patches on the body.  Rather it just appears lighter all over.  Otherwise it appears to behave, to fly, to feed, and to have a shape just like any other Robin.

Nature is always full of interesting things to notice.  And it's sunny today, and getting warm!


  1. There are actually three kinds of leucism: the usual kind with white blotches, a pale washed-out appearance all over, and pure white birds which nevertheless have normal colour feet, beak and eyes. Looks like you got the second type there.

    1. Thank you John! So my weird Robin is actually a leucistic Robin after all. I learned something new today!

  2. Biology 101. I just learned something new. At first I just thought that it was an older bird. Looking at my haircolour that's what I thought. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy nature's beauty.

    It's about time.

  3. Thanks to John we have all learned something today! ;-)

  4. The robin looks like maybe his parents were taking liberties with the local bird population. (kidding)

  5. Yes that is a robin of a different color.

  6. I do like the robins. We have many of them around here by me too. Haven't been able to get a picture of one yet. They just don't stay still long enough!!

  7. Well, I looked at All About Birds before I read the other comments, and there is photo of one almost like this and they say it is a female or immature male. But I tend to think John is probably correct as I have never seen one like that myself. I would think if it was a female or immature male, that we would have all seen them at sometime or other. My sister-in-law sent me a pic of one almost like yours last year or the year before and I just showed her the page on All About Birds. Now I am going to tell her what John says...

  8. Interesting. Things you would never learn if it weren't for blogging and blogger friends. :)
    They are definitely chubby though!

  9. i read the first comment, and did a little research myself because i see robins that look like this as well. i always referred to them as females, and this one looks pregnant. in my "good" bird book, the picture looks just like yours and refers to it as female. the dark ones with no spots are males!! i hope maybe john comes back and reads what i wrote!!

  10. We do not see robins here at our apartment. They were plentiful when we lived in Missouri.

  11. I like having robins in the yard. They come out and follow my area where I mowed.

  12. I think it's a Wily Watoosie bird:))