Tuesday, October 17, 2017


After trying unsuccessfully to find the 'Elephants' (though we did find some big rocks), we paddled on to explore Washpan Bay, one of those long narrow inlets in the bedrock here.

More of that beautiful White Pine and bedrock scenery.

After paddling and exploring a while we pulled in to another empty campsite for a gorp break.

And a cup of tea.

This was our trail lunch by the way, for 7 people.  Rye bread with PB&J, salami, cheese, peas, pickles, and an orange for desert.  Amazing how you can come up with a nutritious lunch with little effort.

One of our crew was determined to go for a swim!  The water was not warm!

We headed up all the way to the end of Washpan Bay, and turned back to paddle out the narrow channel.

At one point a Turkey Vulture looked down from above.

We had also chased a pair of Kingfishers along the shoreline.  This is my typical picture; they always seem to move on a little before I can get close.

A little wee bit closer with this shot.

But I did get a good picture of the splash when one of them caught a fish!

I also tried (unsuccessfully) to convince myself that these reddish stains in the rock were pictographs.

This rather weird moose watched from the shore as we paddled home.

Tomorrow is the big day, and we're ready!  Looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.


  1. Good luck on the move!

    Excellent photos.

  2. Gotta love Dads cookies for lunch my favourite. Good luck with the move hope to res smoothly./

  3. That 1st pic is so beautiful! Good luck with the move!

  4. Hope he enjoyed his swim, if it was cold enough he'd be numb by the time he got out.

  5. Love those reflections, the moose and the lunch goodies. Tomorrow... I am so glad that you are happy with your move, a decision made with a lot of thought and planning. I wish you have fine weather, a trouble-free shift, and loads of fun, laughter, love and happiness in your new home.

  6. That's a cool moose. And the tea is just delightful. Bet it tasted really good, too. I look forward to hearing about the new chapter in your lives. :-)

  7. Oh my that looks like a fun time. So beautiful even if you didn't find any elephants---I hope no pink elephants either.

  8. Really beautiful, Stew - I'm full of admiration. 'Gorp' break?? You did well with the kingfishers - all I've ever seen is a flash of iridescent colour! The marks on the rocks look like evidence of the lost tribe of MacKilt, to me...

  9. Hello, pretty views from your paddle trip. The lunch looks yummy. Great capture of the kingfisher. I like the cute moose. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  10. Best wishes in your new home, FG.

    Your photos with the canoes are among my favourite, ever!

  11. Wonderful country to explore. All the best with the move.

  12. Lunch looks tasty!
    Beautiful pictures. I like the second one with the three canoes in it.
    Interesting picture of the moose! : )

    1. Forgot to say hope all goes well with the move. We will be a few months behind you.

  13. I'll bet that lunch tasted so good. Those rocks and reflections, gorgeous!!

  14. What is in the Dad's package? Pickled pea pods? I always associate black spruce with rocks because of the Boundary Waters. The pine is more picturesque.