Sunday, October 15, 2017

Back to the French River

I've got more to share from my September canoe trip up on the French River.  Since I won't have any time for new photography the next few days, this seems like a good time to go back to them.

One late afternoon I took my small single canoe, and headed out to explore slowly, camera in hand.

Immediately I started seeing some of those interesting rock formations.

And passing some of those Red Maples that were turning colour.
There were beautiful reflections and stunning long curves in the bedrock along the water where the ice pushes by each winter.

I headed for one of those narrow channels that are my favourite part of the French River.
Through that narrow channel and into a shallow bay surrounded by northern forest.

On into the open marsh, past the pink Smartweed, and a number of different rush species.

Back through a narrow band of swamp, thanks to the high water levels this summer ....

And back through the narrow channel headed for the lodge.

So glad I got those 5 days of friends, paddling and relaxing before the final rush here - 3 sleeps left.


  1. Beautiful rocks and trees. Love this set of pictures. And I'm looking forward to your new adventure! :-)

  2. The rocks tell a story if we could speak the language.

  3. Sleep well!!!Beautiful reflection, stunning rocks, Grandson would be thrilled to see them.

  4. It's interesting the different view you see from the river than from land. Nice shots!

  5. i really likes your blog!
    You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the serenity of canoeing in the back country there , more awesome photos. Hope the move goes easy.

  7. Hello, lovely views of the river and beautiful fall colors. Gorgeous photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  8. These are beautiful photos. My canoodling is done for the season. My neighbour only lets me out until Thanksgiving!
    The rocks are amazing. Our local rocks are so dull, limestone. I miss the Precambrian Shield rocks!

  9. It's beautiful, your photos never let us down.

  10. Wonderful pictures as always.
    The wait is always the hardest. Don't overexert yourself through the move.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  11. So--in my absence due to all of the traveling, I missed out that you were moving... Where???? Hope it goes well --but I know how stressful a move can be, even a positive one... Good Luck.

    Great pictures along your Canoe Ride on the French River.. I love those big rock formations.... AND--of course, I love the Fall Colors...

    Good Luck and thanks for sharing...

  12. More super pictures from your trip.

  13. Gorgeous photos! The rock formations are very interesting and the scenery is beautiful. Have a great week.

  14. What a great way to see nature. So beautiful. Loved the colorful trees and the rock formations are amazing.

  15. We sure don't have rocky rivers here. Are those roots on the second picture or mineral veins in the rock? Are you going to remind us why you are moving? I need a refresher.

  16. I felt like I was a passenger in your canoe, enjoying this beautiful scenery. Best wishes on your move! New horizons!

  17. i too, like the perspective of your pictures, feeling like i was in the canoe. the rock formations are incredible!!!