Friday, April 29, 2016


We've seen a couple of interesting critters around over the past week.  We watched a Beaver in the little beaver pond we drive by.  I hear a lot more birds than I see, and there are lots around.  But we spotted a Cormorant no less, sitting on a stump by a rural farm pond!

I would have driven right by, but Mrs. F.G. has much sharper eyesight, and she spotted the beaver swimming.  And it swam right over toward us, almost getting out of the water.

But I think it spotted our movement, or heard the camera click, for it turned away and swam only about 2 feet before ....

... it dove, leaving nothing more than the slap of its tail and some bubbles.

But it did surface again, and we watched it swim around the side of the pond.

Until it swam back across the water, giving a much more typical view - that is, a dark spot in the distance!

But the Cormorant was something else.  We've often see a Great Blue Heron sitting here in the past, but the only place I have seen a Cormorant is on the shores of the Great Lakes.

I certainly didn't expect to find it at this small rural pond in the middle of a hayfield!

This is a bigger view of that pond, and the bird in the distance.

I did manage another couple of sightings this week.  This is a Mourning Cloak butterfly, my first butterfly of the season here, just a small fluttering pair of wings as I walked past down the trail.

And this White-tailed Deer raised a large white flag as it bounded twice and disappeared in the distance.

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  1. That Cormorant must have checked out the pond's menu to see what the special of the day was. Haven't seen any butterfly's yet down here in our neck of the woods near Goderich. Seems like it's still cold enough here for Polar Bears & Penguins.

  2. As it warms up, it's so fun to get out and see wildlife again. I see beavers often in our waterways!!

  3. I'd love to see a beaver but they are few and far between in the UK. However I often see cormorants on Lake Geneva.

  4. Love to see the animals out and about and the temperature warms up.

  5. Quite a few sightings, all right. Thanks for capturing them and sharing. :-)

  6. i think my tree is a sand "cherry" tree, that's what i was told!!

  7. We have plenty of Cormorants on just about every bit of water around here, much to the consternation of fishermen - and also the fish, I suppose!

  8. Great timing with the beaver. They're very hard to photograph.

  9. Hello, the beaver is a neat sighting along with the Cormorant. I love the pretty Mourning Cloak butterfly. Great captures! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. It all sounds so magical. I'm always fascinated by the beavers. The Mourning Cloak butterfly is really special.

  11. The Cormorant looks right at home sitting there on the stump. : )
    I miss seeing the beavers at the lake I walked around where I used to live.