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Currently (winter 2015), I’m delivering a Life Long Learning Series of 6 talks in Owen SoundOntario, on ‘The Landscape and History of Scotland’.  I'm also teaching a Distance Education course on the 'Landscape of Scotland' this winter.  Here are some websites, notes and references that may be useful if you want to pursue more details.

Websites - Unfortunately, Wikipedia has an academic reputation as a less-than-accurate source, but in fact a group of scholars has banded together to develop excellent, in-depth articles on just about any aspect of Scottish history that you can think of.  You can look up any king (or queen), any time period, many places, and find solid useful information.  These three sites are very useful for pursuing any particular points that interest you.

The Referendum – Scotland voted ‘No’ to leaving the United Kingdom in September of this year, but the debates that led up to this vote over two years were a fascinating insight to modern Scottish society.  Here are the two most thoughtful and detailed sources that I have found.,_2014    -    this is the most detailed overview of the entire issue that I’ve found.

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