Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Meaford's Scarecrow Festival

This Friday is officially the Scarecrow Festival here in Meaford.  It almost collapsed after last year's 25th anniversary, but a new group of volunteers stepped up to lead it, and so it continues.  There's a big display downtown, and a few elsewhere, with people encouraged to set up their own displays.  Here are a few of the downtown group, which I can easily access.

The theme this year is pirates, so look for costumes that reflect that.

A lot who've lost their legs!

A welcoming lady.

And the pirate ship.

Then I took a close look at that sword he's carrying!

I think these were captives.

While these guys just relaxed.

More captives.

The pirate chief with his foot on their treasure chest of booty!

A close look at that treasure chest.


  1. That is great and the weather is supposed to be so good this weekend for such an event.

  2. I could see the people who participate would be so disappointed if they didn't keep the tradition goin. I like the pirates and it is a great treasure chest.

  3. The scarecrow festival here is mid October. Yours was a lovely one!

  4. Oh what fun! Lots of creativity and imagination on display.

  5. The Scarecrow Festival looks like fun. I like the pirate best of all.

  6. That kind of event is becoming more and more popular in the UK too. There seems to be a human need to make such effigies: during my childhood it was making a "Guy" for Bonfire night, scarecrow making seems to have replaced that old tradition.

  7. I enjoy events like this - great photographs.

    All the best Jan

  8. Well done Meaford. I am not sure if our town will have a display or not. Downtown has been under some revision.

  9. I heard that the scarecrow festival was on what a great bunch of pirates and costumes!!

  10. A lot of work went into some of those, what a great collection. Since the community's a port, it's quite suitable that there are pirates.

  11. I like the idea of the Scarecrow Festival. It brings people together and it also brings out the hidden creativity in folks. They have done a good job and I like all the colors.