Thursday, September 14, 2023

Down to the Beach

One day last week I took myself down to the shoreline, thinking I should check it out now that summer is over, kids are back in school, and crowds are a little less.  They're going to be starting further restoration work soon, to avoid future flooding during times of high water.  I guess I'll see what they've done next spring.

It was a sunny warm day and a few mothers and young children were at the tiny sand beach.

You can see the outer harbour breakwall over the large boulders they installed after the last high water episode.

In places I can barely see the bay anymore.

When I got down to the parking area they already had one section fenced off, presumably to stockpile supplies they'll need for the shoreline work.

There was one lone kayaker headed back into harbour, with one of the distant islands silhouetted behind him.

And one big tree trunk washed up along the shore.

The distant shore at Cape Rich on the army base was looking a little hazy.

It looked like a more secure wheelchair mat tacked down on the beach, but I still wasn't going to risk it with my heavy chair.  I expect this may have been my last trip down to the far end of the shoreline for this year.


  1. The water looks so wonderfully blue. I'm glad that you got down there & hopefully there will be some more nice days and you will get back before winter.

  2. Our son-in-law finds some places a little difficult with his electric wheelchair. I was surprised how easy it was to turn, swivel, and reverse, when they stayed here.( still deciding on a vehicle that will fit it in , the rental one was HUGE ) He also has one with caterpillar tracks for on the uneven grass or gravel roads. BUT, that got bogged one day in the mud!! The sea views are so lovely, we seldom go to the beach now, so to see the open water, rocky foreshore and distant islands is so refreshing.Guess you are counting down to cooler days, we sometimes don't have to keep the fire going all day, Hooray for that.

  3. Beautiful pictures.
    I haven't been to a beach in years.

  4. Those are some very big rocks lined up along the shore! Looks like it was another gloriously sunny day.

  5. We'll all soon be getting around less for a few months. But not yet! I'll have to do some autumn drives.

  6. Nice photos on your trip to the beach. Looks different when I go to the beaches in Oregon as there's alot of waves and seagulls. I'm glad there's a harbor break wall to help relieve overcoming water into area. I've been to the coast once this year. Have a good weekend.

  7. There is something so calming in the photos of the water. At least, as long as it isn't stormy. I do hope they make some remediation that allows you, and others, to make your way closer to the water.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  8. You've shared some nice photographs thank you.

    All the best Jan

  9. If you get a really powerful storm those large rocks will be pushed around like marbles -- "man proposes, nature disposes."

  10. Having big bodies of water nearby with scenic shorelines is refreshing and definitely a plus. There is something about gentle waves that is so soothing. I hope they make that whole area more accessible to you. .