Monday, April 19, 2021

The Roving Photographer

Some time ago I introduced an old friend who would occasionally contribute as a roving photographer.  He owns a property down in the valley which is rapidly growing back into forest, except for the paths he keeps mowed and now two small orchards.  Recently they have built an improved small barn for his tractor.  He and I have walked this property many times, and his photos this time tell the story of a walk through the property so I can follow along, having been there.

It starts off overlooking a small but steep ravine where a small stream drains down.

That stream emerges into a small wetland where it spreads into different channels.  This will be 6 feet deep in cattails later in the season.

After that his walk takes us out into a flat clearing where his sons have now planted 30 apple trees, forming a second orchard.  It will be interesting to see how this grows.

Beyond this a mowed trail takes us down toward the river, past some of his planted pines, beside his neighbour's open field.

The boys created an open clearing among the rapidly regrowing White Ash where they camped with their Scout mates a few times.

Returning we cross a small channel of the Beaver River which may well dry up in later summer.  The white box is a water supply for watering the new apple trees if it gets dry in late summer.  Tender loving care in the first year or two makes a huge difference.

Crossing the new small orchard, we climb a small ridge where there was a fox den for a time.

And emerge onto the area where the old orchard is.  Along the sloping edge the boys have planted some extra trees for wildlife.

And reach the old orchard.  My sidekick's walk was in the early morning, so the sun isn't over the pine trees yet.

There's a tractor trail south from here back toward the barn.

But it dips down through a low wet area where Sidekick and I have tromped around several times trying to find a dry way through for the tractor.

And finally back to the new barn, a huge step up from the old nearly falling down garage.  They included a loft with windows because his wife does furniture refinishing.  I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this walk, though I might not have dragged myself up so early to do it!


  1. Lovely photos and a great place to walk - lots of variety.

  2. Very nice photographs :)

    All the best Jan

  3. This is lovely. I must admit I'm often up early, but not out and about in the forest!

  4. The morning light and shadows are beautiful!

  5. Looks like a lovely property with lots of variety.

  6. That was a great walk although there were places that looked a bit soggy.

  7. Many thanks to you and your roving photographer.

  8. What a lovely walk, narrated by you and walked by your sidekick. :)
    I like the cleared area in the White Ash. A great camping spot with the sun peeking through the trees.

  9. They are fine pics of a fab property. It was good of him to take you on a virtual tour.

  10. What a lovely property! I wouldn't want to do the maintenance but it sure is pretty.