Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Marsh

We continued our drive west after spotting the Sandhill Cranes (the highlight of our drive), and ended up in the wetland northeast of Shallow Lake.  The road goes right through it, so there's open marsh on both sides. the sunny, totally blue sky continued all day!

Our drive took us to the corner I know as Squire, but many refer to as Mennonite corners.  There was a small frame church on the southwest corner for many years when I was a child; I'm told that my great-grandfather went there to worship with the 'Holy Rollers'.  Only a monument is left to mark the pioneer church.  These are the new grain elevators at the corner.

There's a really nice farm just before the corner which has always been very well maintained.  Since one of my grandparents lived a mile to the west in Kilsyth, and the others 4 miles to the northeast in Owen Sound, I've been going past this corner all my life.

And this is the beginning of the marsh, parts of it open enough to almost be a lake.

Off to one side was what looked like an old hunting blind, built for hunting ducks perhaps.  It looks like the end of an old dock that it's built on.

A muskrat house was visible, but no Muskrat.

Certainly lots of cattails around the edge/

And several bushes of Pussy Willows along the edge.  More on the other side of the road tomorrow.

It's another beautiful sunny day here and Mrs. F.G. was out gardening all morning, with the help of our occasional gardener.  I've been out for a ride, starting to accumulate mileage again for the summer season, and gathering pictures to share.


  1. Looks like an interesting wetland -- but then all wetlands are interesting to me. H and I live more than a four hour drive from where we grew up, it must be good and sometimes sad to live near the places your grandparents knew.

  2. Having been raised in a military family that moved constantly, I can hardly imagine what it must be like to have lived in the same area your whole life. For me, I feel there is only the place where my husband lives that I consider to be my home. When I was a girl, it was wherever my mother lived. I love thinking what it must be like to know your home through generations.

  3. Pussy willows are out here now too. Yay.

    That is a beautiful area for a drive.

  4. Pussy Willow, down here there were so many trees on the long winding road to one of our previous homes, above Lake Tarawera. You must both be so happy to have warmer days and enjoy that sunshine.

  5. Wetlands are always so full of interest. Good that your weather has warmed up enough for you to take a drive.

  6. We also did a bit of gardening yesterday, just a bit of cleanup out front.

  7. Pussy willows at the nearby slough were always a sure sign of spring. Great photos.

    Enjoy your ride and have a great day!

  8. the red barn and that farm are so pretty and well maintained. good for mrs. fg, it's nice to get an early start on the gardens!!

  9. I imagine the marsh must be a great spot to see birds!!

  10. The colour red of the barn/farm building is certainly eye catching.

    All the best Jan

  11. That looks like a well maintained barn. Marsh explorations are always interesting. So many different life forms going on.