Saturday, December 12, 2020


We had a nice sunset the other night.  Got just a few shots while I noticed it.  If your head is buried in a book at that time ( as it usually is) the view out the window can just pass you by without you even noticing!

It started out a very gentle pink, and I wondered if it would really change much.

But change it did, A  stronger pink spread across the clouds.  Sorry about the reflection of the lamp.

Zooming in always highlights the colour.

Then Mrs. F.G. noticed the colour and took the camera out front.  A little blurry, but great colour; it was getting really dark at this point.


Did you realize that we're only 9 days until the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year?  Yes, in 10 days the daylight starts getting longer!  Hurrah!


  1. That was a pretty sunset, ours have just been gray for quite a while. I'll be glad to see the days getting longer; late-November/early-December are rather depressing -- but come early January things really pick up.

  2. I love a pink sky. Sure will be nice to see the days get longer again.

  3. So pretty! I have been seeing some beautiful colors in the sky, morning and evening, during these very short days. :-)

  4. it never lasts very long, but this one is a beauty. is that a bird in the first 2 images??

  5. Nice to see that after the unremitting greyness of the last few days here.

  6. I call it cotton candy seems to happen this time of year! Beautiful!

  7. I sure know what you mean by having ones head buried in a book as the day's weather quietly slips right on by sometimes totally unnoticed outside.