Friday, December 18, 2020

Snow Flurry

A couple of days ago we had another snow flurry which accounts for the white view we are still seeing outside.  And the freezing temperatures are keeping it there.  A few photos from the middle of the snowfall.

You could see the snow coming across the golf course.

A distant view shows how thick it is.

But a picture taken against the spruce tree out back, 

or even better against the two distant pine, shows the snowflakes best.

Today though is totally different, a bright sunny day with totally blue skies overhead!  Great winter day.


  1. Love the snow scenes you captured and the last scene’s a beauty of a day.

  2. I use to arrange my chairs out in the open to make a modern sculpture in the snow. I would leave them out all winter. I bet I was the only one who enjoyed them. I bet you don't own the land on the other side of the trees but your two would look so good sitting out there in the open.

  3. There are places that got several feet of snow, so I'm glad your snowflakes just made everything look pretty! And those blue skies are delightful.

  4. Wednesday night we had quite the storm, not the most snow I've ever seen but the got 22 inches in about 18 hours. Nice to see a good snow after several winters with hardly any. Your flurry was rather pretty -- enjoy.

  5. It's never fun while it's falling but the final result is Post Card Quality.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season.

    It's about time.

  6. I love to watch snow falling and like walking in it too! :)

  7. The snowflakes against the trees pictures are just wonderful. Thank you for them.

  8. I love to watch snow falling. We would love to be in Switzerland now but I am taking anticoagulants and haven’t been at all well so I think it’s sensible to stay home where we have the NHS. Because of stupid Brexit we no longer have ready access to hospital treatment in the EU or Switzerland. Also I have hospital appointments in the new year. And we have another appointment so we can give notice to get married!
    Please keep watching the snow for me x

  9. Christmassy, but cold! Nothing like that here, just cloud and drizzle. :(

  10. Hello,

    We had 11 inches of the snow this week, I love the last shot with the blue sky and sunshine.
    Take care, happy weekend! Merry Christmas!