Friday, October 4, 2019

The Last of the Scarecrows

Just a few more pictures of Meaford's scarecrows to share.  So sorry you can't be here to meet them in person!  The parade is at 6 pm tonight.

 Anyone remember Curious George?

And story time with grampa?

 They've even got scarecrows climbing the light standards downtown.

And many homeowners welcome one or two outside their door.  These are two of the best.

And here's our own small contribution.

Meaford's Scarecrow Invasion is locally so popular that a decade ago a bronze statue of a scarecros by the name of 'Schubird' was erected downtown.  It is said that you can rub his right toe for good luck.

Tonight is the Scarecrow Parade and Family Festival, but I've decided not to go because it's largely geared at families with small children, and I've learned through experience that excited little kids running around and heavy moving wheelchairs don't mix very well!  It's also very cold out today. But I hope it all goes well.


  1. The Curious George one is my favourite.

  2. I don't remember story time with grampa but I do remember Curious George.
    I'm sure the kids had a great time even in the cold. : )

  3. There are some very creative colourful ideas there.

  4. Mrs F G, where did you find time and inspiration to make your own lovely scarecrow? Did they originate to scare the crows? this one is so attractive, nothing scary there. I agree, crowds are for the agile, and I would be staying home too. Thanks for sharing them with us, I wonder if there is a prize somewhere?

  5. Such fun scarecrows! I do wish I lived close enough to visit. I haven't seen nary a one around here yet. :-)

  6. All of those are really nice, what community spirit!

  7. The people in your town are so creative!

  8. That's quite a cast of characters you live with way up there in Meaford. Like you, I would skip the parade as well. I've learned through experience that exited little kids and crowds of parents running around don't mix with me very well either.

  9. So much fun. When I was an elementary school principal I would make a scarecrow named Jack to put outside my door sitting on a bale of hay with lots of pumpkins. The kids would walk right past him coming and going to school. I like to think of myself of the fun principal, but I'm sure there were some kids that didn't like me so much. - Margy