Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More Northern Lights

A few more shots from Owen Sound's Festival of Northern Lights.  The Nativity Scene is in Harrison Park, along with those blurry hockey hockey players and flying geese.

 Mary and Joseph and the baby

 The angel appears in the sky

 And the wisemen arrive from the east

But the main original light display is downtown, on both sides of the river for one central block.

This display has many more caricatures  in lights, to the point where it is
 a much more motley collection of northern lights.

 You need to look closely to pick out individual figures like this dragon, one of my favourite.

 The lights are very popular locally, with a lot of commercial sponsors and volunteers contributing each year.  The display continues to grow as a result.

And a couple of blurry patterns for your viewing pleasure.
No comments on the challenges of night photography!


  1. This display would catch my attention and get my camera out.

  2. What delightful light displays. I enjoyed the Christmas scene very much. :-)

  3. The best I ever did was to get the blurry tail lights of the ambulance as it took Hugh to hospital some years ago.Love your lights, maybe I need to get one display for our front door.

  4. Good job on the photos. Always a bit on the tricky side doing night photography. Requires a lot of patience sometimes.

  5. All so very pretty . Merry Christmas to you and your family !

  6. Lovely and fun displays. I like those blurry ones, too.

  7. Nice post. But to see clear northern lights you have to visit in between November to March. This is the best time for Alaska northern lights tours.