Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bluebirds in a Snowstorm!

After my success with pictures of a Robin and Song Sparrow a few days ago, I headed out on the morning after our snowstorm to see if I could get more bird pix.  I could hear a lot of birds calling, so I was hoping some of them would be close and co-operative.  Didn't happen, pretty poor pictures, but I did successfully document several other species.  Given that there was 6-8" of snow I was still pleased.

I thought these were just Chickadees.  All the birds just looked black through the camera against the white sky.  It wasn't until I started editing these on the computer that I caught the flash of blue and took a closer look.  They're a pair of Bluebirds, in the middle of our snowstorm - astonishing! 

We also had a Song Sparrow at the feeder!  I've never seen a Song Sparrow at a feeder, but there was a pair of them searching for nibbles.

Tramping through the deep snow after digging out my winter boots again, I walked around the corner where there was a loud flock of Red-wing Blackbirds that have been back for some time.  Now these were definitely just black birds against the white sky, and they are all males, who return first.  But you can see a small yellowy flash on the wing of the first bird above.

I had also heard a lot of Blue Jays, but they stayed at a distance for any pictures.

Some of the Goldfinch at the feeders are turning bright yellow.

And a few days ago we had a pair of Mourning Doves on the ground under the feeder, but they haven't been back.

Then I finally got a picture of a Turkey Vulture circling over the white landscape.  This is the usual view of them, a shallow black 'V' shape high in the sky.

They rarely flap their wings, just soaring endlessly, but in today's harsh northern winds, this vulture was flapping those huge wings frequently.  And it dropped down quite closely over my head.  I was pleased with this picture.  That's the best I can do for a few critters just now.  Expecting this snow to be all gone in two days with our rocketing temperatures!

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  1. I think you got quite a few bird shots! We have a lot of turkey vultures here...and some black vultures, too. We just see the black ones now and then...I don't know if they are the same ones, or different ones passing through.

  2. Wow you have lots of birds already! We get them slowly one different kind at a time:)

  3. The Song Sparrow, he looks quite solemn/ unhappy, love the one peering out of the feeder. and as for your snow, is this piling up to give ground moisture later on? Lovely to see them all coming round, maybe that warmer air is soon to be there every day.

  4. awww I hope they manage to stay dry and warm.

  5. awwww, you did well!! something a little different and fun. awesome captures of the bluebirds, they are in my area but i never see them in my yard. also your goldfinch, almost changed into his summer clothing!!! i enjoyed these!!!

  6. I imagine the birds were all thinking, "come on, enough already!"

  7. Sweet little things! I just love Song Sparrows...their song, especially, and how their whole body is involved in getting that big sound out of their little lungs! haha. I even named my online antique shop after them.

  8. Nice job with the birds, and especially the bluebirds. :-)