Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Misty Morning

We woke to heavy mist out in the world around us, the landscape a ghostly apparition hidden in the fog.  It looked like a fall morning - as fall arrives we get heavier dew and often those misty cold mornings.  Though it's still just late summer; when I went outside it was actually quite warm.

Even by the time I returned from walking the dog the mist was lifting.  The sun rose, warming the air, 'til it reached some magic tamperature, and then magically the mist disappears.

A bit of a celebration is in order for my blogging today - this is my 300th post on this blog, I just passed 20,000 pageviews, and I had the highest number of visitors ever today, 157!  Cheers!  Thank you all for such great encouragement!

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  1. Beautiful photos of your misty morning. I like those kind of mornings especially if the sun shines and it is warm afterward. Congratulations on your 300th post!

  2. Happy blogaversary! That's quite an accomplishment, and the page views are pretty darn impressive. Congratulations. Love the misty shots. :-)

  3. Good going! You have a lovely blog if this post is an example! My first visit...blog hopping from our World.

  4. Congrats on your 300 blog posts... And the page views are awesome.... Love seeing the mist (or FOG--as we call it here).... There's something so neat about fog.. When we were in Kentucky in June --we stayed in a lodge on the mountain.. During the early mornings, we could look DOWN on the fog in the valley below.


    1. We sometimes see that here in the valley, and we certainly saw that in Shenandaoh, when the fog (or the clouds) came rolling UP the slopes to envelope us at the top.

  5. Such beautiful misty photos, but that first one steals the show! I love your use of the fence in the photo. Great composition. Congrats on your 300th post!

  6. congrats on reaching your "milestones". these images are really beautiful, mystical.....magical!!

  7. These photos are lovely!Fog makes everything look very mysterious

  8. Thanks for all your congratulations. I've just been exploring and visiting other blogs for three months, and now trying to post something most days of the week. It's been a huge incentive for me to simply do more photography and writing, which I'm really enjoying. Maybe it's time to start on that book I've been thinking of for 10 years!