Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Markdale Fall Fair

Again this year we went to the Markdale Fall Fair today, and my favourite part was the horse show.  We explored the displays of flowers, veggies, and numerous crafts, watched the calf showmanship classes, and then spent some time watching the heavy horses.  Here are a few of my favourites.

This class had 3 teams and wagons in it, from the left a team of Belgians, then the Clydedales, and on the right, the Percherons.  They're all amazing pairs of matching horses.

They ride around the ring twice, and then walk once.  To appreciate this picture you have to pretend you can here the thundering hooves as they come down the straightaway straight at you.  I could watch and listen to it forever.

This team in a separate event was driven by an 8 year old girl, with a little guidance, just learning the reins so to speak.

I find the photography more difficult than you'd think when the horses are moving past at a good clip.  I was very lucky to get this one as they trotted past, and keep both horses in the frame, but it's my favourite photo.

This is the team of Clydesdales in the event, such magnificent horses, all done up with some pretty fancy harness and a nice wagon too!

A closer look at these two.

And their feet - I love the Clydesdales feet!


  1. Hi Furry Gnome...Thank you for stopping by my blog (

    These are fantastic photos of the horse pulls...I've tried a few times for ones like these unsuccessfully...The one with the two heads with ears so nicely upright is my favorite also...Though the one with the front half including harnesses is good too...Thanks for sharing...

  2. Great shots! I can see why that one is your favorite, it's fantastic. I love their feet, too; they are just like something Dr. Seuss made up! :-)

  3. Those Clydesdales are beautiful! They look so proud...and they should be!

  4. It looks like a very interesting fair. We should try to get there next year. The pictures are beautiful.

  5. Hubby would have adored this fair. He grew up with Belgians, without hydro or running water on the farm. We go to many fairs to take him back in time!

  6. Oh I absolutely love those horse - my very favorite kind. The are beautiful and so big and strong. Love them!!!

  7. It's always exciting to see the heavy horses. It's great that there are still so many people who make the substantial investments of time and money that showing a team requires.

  8. Thank you all for visiting, and next time your local fall fair is held, drop by to support all the folks who do this, all part of our community!