Monday, February 12, 2024

Lake Eugenia

Up and out of the valley south of Kimberley, through the village of Eugenia, a left turn and down aways, and we ended up at Lake Eugenia, mostly frozen over now of course.  Lake Eugenia was created back in 1914 when they dammed the Beaver River and installed that power plant in the valley.  A lot of farmland was flooded.

This is just a small corner of the lake, on the south side of the causeway.

No birds at the Osprey nest yet of course, but it will be interesting when  they are home in later summer.

We usually pause where the old course of the river flows in under the causeway, here looking south where it's surrounded by a sea of stumps.  This is a great area to explore by canoe at normal water levels.

The vast majority of the lake is on the north side of the causeway, where it actually looks like a lake.  The entire shoreline has been leased for cottages by Ontario Hydro.  They let the water level down over winter in order to be ready for the rush of high water flow in spring.

It wasn't hard to spot some white birds, and by zooming in see that these are Mute Swans, a non-native species that does stay over the winter if there's open water.

I was trying to be artistic here, what do you think?

This shows you the context.

Some other interesting patches of ice and stumps.  Then, leaving the lake behind we headed home.


  1. It's easy to see why that would be an interesting area to canoe. Stumps protruding from water or ice are always interesting photographic subjects.

  2. Beautiful photos. It would be great paddling around there!!!

  3. Some great shots here, especially the reflection of the stump…

  4. I like the second reflection, and the stumps, were the trees felled on purpose or did they die?

  5. These photographs are beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hi Stewart, I've just finished watching a YouTube video that I think you might enjoy. It's called "Hiking 80 Miles On The Isle Of Skye Trail" by Abbie Barnes. She also has lots of other films - the one about Iceland is also especially good. Be warned: it is over 2 hours long, but all interesting with great scenery.

    1. John, I've watched a number of Abbie's videos. I'll check that one out, thanks.

  7. The photo of the solo tree stump makes it appear it is suspended in air, rather than in the water. Definitely artistic and a little magical too.

  8. The most appealing photo to me was the contextual one, but the artistic one was a good try. I think it might be even better with similar space top and bottom.

  9. Your reflection shots are beautiful.

  10. The meandering river makes a great composition. We have a lot of open water, not frozen down here, which is unusual for the time of the year. We are seeing swans migrating up our Des Moines River coming Canada's way eventually.