Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Maxwell Nursery

Last week we headed out hunting for some more trees and shrubs we want.  Driving south for half an hour we headed for the Maxwell Nursery, a Mennonite nursery we've visited in the past.  It was a nice drive, if with a touch of rain, and we were successful in finding some of what we wanted.

It's a beautiful time of year for a drive in the countryside …………….. [at this point the power went off, and stayed off, so I got interrupted.] …………… This is, believe it or not, a winery and vineyard, even here in the highlands where winter is winter!  Georgian Bay has more moderating influence than you think.

The rolling open lower slopes of the escarpment, marked by farm fields, fencerows and woodlots makes for nice scenery.

One of the big rocky headlands of the escarpment is on the right, cliffs hidden behind the trees.

At Maxwell Nursery the flowers in one of the greenhouses were looking great!

We were surprised by the expansion of the operation, a small family-run business that started on the farm.  A big new shelter for some of the trees and shrubs.

We always look around at everything, and we found the tree we wanted outside, a nice clump of small White Birch at a very reasonable price.  We snapped it up on the spot.

This nursery had some more interesting woodworking than any other we've been to.  Someone here is obviously a good carpenter!  And we were delighted to find just what we've been looking for.  I'll tell you tomorrow.

In the meantime the weather this weekend was crazy, thunderstorms, torrential rain, and then a cold front bringing freezing temperatures (well, it wasn't freezing, but it felt that way).  At one point I headed out for some fresh air, got to the farthest end of the street, and it started to rain.  I got just a little wet racing home, and then it rained the rest of the afternoon and evening.  I expect many traditional May24th camping trips got cut short as people headed home to warmer, drier surroundings!


  1. These woodworking shelters are quite a neat sight.

    We got some of those thunderstorms here.

  2. Love the little houses? A shed for a gnome? No pun intended!!! And the trays of bedding flowers, such wonderful colour and choices.

  3. Beautiful scenery. Gorgeous hanging baskets and I love those cute tiny houses.

  4. That looks like a really nice place. That last picture, however, shows a "perfect storm" to run away from!

  5. Love that view in the second shot...beautiful country. I am embarrassed to admit that I have not been to one single greenhouse and I need to go! I usually go just to look around if nothing else.

  6. I think anything the Mennonites do they do well. Garden centers this time of year with all their Spring flowers, plants, and colors are always uplifting places to be. They are the magic elixir and hope after our brutal depressing winters. I like all those neat looking sheds too. I'm sure they will be well made.

  7. Seems like that is the way of many Victoria Day camping trips. We had one in our new RV to Seattle. The skies threatened during the softball games but all of them were played through. With such a dry summer on the horizon I hate to wish the rain away. - Margy

  8. Tat nursery looks like a dandy place to spend some time enjoying the colors and scents of the plants.

  9. The planter boxes are such great idea. Glad you found a place that could make them perfect for you. - Margy