Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Garden Planter Boxes

What we have been after is some large-scale garden planter boxes.  Ever since I found and admired the raised planters at Parkwood Hospital last summer, I've thought of surrounding our deck with wheelchair-height planters that I could use for tiny gardens at a height I could reach.

We went around behind the office and there they were!  Nice-looking planters almost the right size for us.  We discussed it with the two young men on duty, and arranged to get 4 boxes like this one built to slightly different dimensions (bigger).  They won't get done until next fall or winter now, after the busy nursery season, but we're fully occupied with the gardening we're already doing, so that's fine.

Farm fields are looking well-prepared now, either planted already, or ready for planting.

The cattle have been out of the barn for some time now, and I'm sure they're enjoying it.

There is a steadily increasing Mennonite population around here now, taking over many farms when they come up for sale.

We headed back through our beloved Beaver Valley which I don't see nearly as often now.

Down in the bottom of the valley is a large swamp, with plentiful Marsh Marigolds in bloom these days.

The willows are an increasingly bright shade of green.  Note the sign: "Road Closed …. by Police Order Due to Winter Road Conditions".  Did you know that if you disobey one of these signs and you have an accident, your insurance may not apply, and tow trucks won't come to rescue you?  There are a couple of stretches of road that have permanent signs like this.

Most of the landscape still looked pretty bare, but every now and then there was a sugar Maple or two coming into flower.

And after that we were down the big hill and home into Meaford.


  1. Lovely drive. Don't think we will make it up that way this year though. :( Very nice planters.

  2. Your last shot is my favourite of these.

  3. What a wonderful idea about the planters! That will be very nice for next spring and onward.
    The marsh marigolds are plentiful but it doesn't lessen their bright beauty.
    I love the country road pictures, and have to refrain from taking too many. I also love the last shot the best. :)

  4. Yes indeed, that last photo is an outstanding picture of your area. Those planters look like they're made of western redcedar a lightweight decay-resist wood, they should last a good long while.

  5. Super design with the planters. So easy to plant and weed, and veges or flowers , they will be winners.Lovely wood and router trim on the tops.

  6. awwww, love that view in the last shot. :)

  7. Looks like a busy project ahead for next spring. Those Garden Boxes will make things easier for the both of you.
    Beautiful Pictures as usual but that the Sixth and Last one are mu favourite. Reminds me of being on the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the arrival of spring.

    It's about time.

  8. A great idea with the planters, for sure. And I love the bright blue sky, the happy cattle, and the sense of optimism that permeates this post. :-)

  9. That's a great idea having those planter boxes right where you can get at them. Only been up through the Beaver Valley a few times many years ago and I loved the countryside. I would be right at home living anywhere up there in your area.

  10. And back to your beautiful Georgian Bay. Love those planter boxes. namaste, janice xx