Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Raised Beds

Part of the gardens that I quickly got excited about were the raised beds.  There were 7 of them, built of concrete blocks, and about wheelchair height.  Soon I was visiting them every day, watching to see what new plants were on bloom or fruit.

These planters were intended for use by patients, and were mainly planted up in the spring.  Behind those windows on the left is a day-care centre and they get a chance to help too.  one day I saw dozen pre-schoolers out with a few elderly veterans helping weed the garden.

The seven different beds were planted quite differently, some mainly flowers, some veggies, and some a happy mix.  These are beautifful pink and white Cosmos.

 Hollyhocks in the morning sun.

Butterfly Weed - did you notice the bumblebee?

Some bright-coloured Maeigolds

This beautiful stayed in bloom all the time I was there.

Veggies would grow, and then disappear.  Obviously someone was harvesting them,

There was quite a lot of dill grown in one of the beds.

 And ever-bearing raspberries, which disappeared as soon as they were ripe.

A little bit of second planting went on in my time there.

I was inspired so much I hope to create some raised beds here - perhaps planters around the sides of the deck?  Watch for that next spring.


I have just realized that I passed 500,000 pageviews of my blog yesterday!  Thank you all; it means so much to me.


  1. Plants are an excellent therapy. I had many plants in my classroom. Most kids ignored them but some kids spent a lot of time with the plants.

  2. What pretty planters! If you do create some raised beds at your home, you'll have to share photos.

  3. What lovely raised flower beds they are. How nice that the young and old worked on the beds together!

  4. A nice display of colorful photos for fellow northerners struggling through the hard cold winter.

  5. What a wonderful place, it must be of so much help to the folks being treated there even if they don't realize it at the time.
    Congratulations on your 500,000 visits, I'm glad to be among them.

  6. Beautiful Garden Displays.
    Gardens like that at home will look nice.
    Congratulations on reaching the .5 million visits.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm.

    It's about time.

  7. I love these raised beds. And all the fine flowers and veggies. Maybe you actually ate some of them and didn't know it. And yes, I am glad to have participated in your page views. Very much worth it. :-)

  8. RAised beds for those who are in wheelchairs are so important. This thrills me that you are enjoying them!

  9. Raised beds are so much more easy to deal with for us older folks.

  10. These are lovely photos. What a great spot to visit. Your faithful fans are so proud of you!

  11. Love those flower and vege beds. Hugh has just finished making the surrounds for our 2 new ones here, we had 12 at our other home, He does think he can squeeze in one more. The tall purple flower, is that a Phlox?

  12. The flower beds were beautiful but how great for the residents to have vegetable gardens as well. You'd have to be quick to grab a tomato or raspberry!

  13. I hope you get some raised beds! We are thinking that we need some too! :)

  14. It's nice to see summer's bounty during this time of snow and cold. raised beds are wonderful. I wish I had more room for them in my yard.

  15. Lovely photographs, and well done on passing 500,000 pageviews on your blog :)

    All the best Jan

  16. Congrats on the half-million views!