Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Outdoor Model Railway

I visited one corner of Parkwood several times; it was the outdoor model Railway, just down the hall from the Occupational Therapy gym.  Only open with trains running for two hours a week, I had to be organized to get there.

Welcome to the 'Leisure Garden Railway', sponsored by the London Model Railway group.  It's aa well done combination of three rail lines and a number of buildings, including a small village.

The outer line is a Canadian Pacific line, shown here with a freight load of cars.  I only aw one derailment while i was watching.

The inner line is a small streetcar route which circles through the village.

The centre line is an older Canadian National freight railway, carrying coal or gravel when I saw it.

In between and around the rail lines are a number of other buildings, like this small farm.
   A small freight shed, complete with two rail workers.

And passing in front of the grain elevator and freight shed and arriving at the station
 is a CP passenger train.  Members of the group changed the railway cars regularly, 
making it a lot more interesting.

Tomorrow you'll have to come home to enjoy our continuing winter weather
 with me; our summer holiday is over.


  1. A lot of work behind those railway lines and building, some very enthusiastic devoted people who set the whole system there.

  2. Love the garden trains. In Springfield, MO, there would be a yearly tour of the garden trains. Some simple, others others amazingly elaborate.

  3. It's a great train set! I know people who just love things like this. Glad you showed it to me. :-)

  4. Great set up. It's too bad it was only open 2 hours a week.

  5. I have enjoyed seeing all the gardens and areas you shared from your long stay - and now back to winter! The trains in action and their surrounding scenic setups - love the details.

  6. Takes me back to my childhood,when I had my very own not quite so elaborate set up.

  7. Gotta love the railways a great therapy tool.

  8. Very nice setup, there's a lot of work there -- the model railroaders are to be complemented.

  9. How nice of the London Model Railway group to put that all together for the folks at Parkwood. I, like many others had a model train set-up as a kid and still have memories sitting on the floor clicking together what seemed to be miles and miles of tracks.

  10. What lovely photographs you've shared here.
    So nice to see the trains in action and the lay-out and surrounding scenic setup.

    All the best Jan