Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans' Memorial at Parkwood

In addition to the indoor memorial I featured yesterday, there was a striking outdoor memorial to veterans on the grounds at Parkwood.  From my window it looked a long distance away, but in fact it was just on the far side of the gardens.

The memorial was a 6 column rotunda on the top of a small hill.  I was told it was a popular site for wedding pictures, but was unpopular among resident veterans because it was hard to get too.  (Most of them, like me, are in wheelchairs).

The distant view from my window.

There is a clear symmetrical design to this monument. with a semi-circle below featuring an inscription that reads:

           "This monument is dedicated to the veterans of World War I, II and Korea who
             received treatment and care on the grounds of Westminster Hospital."

Directly behind me when I took the above picture is this small fountain. I often sat here and enjoyed the sound of running water (and a spot in the shade).

The most surprising thing about this monument is that I could find out nothing more - when it was built, why, by who?  It was so striking as a memorial, but no information was available at all.

Here in Meaford, this is the memorial to veterans, today surrounded by wreaths laid this morning.


  1. Permanent memorials are so important, and families or locals can visit and read the names,place flowers or wreaths, and ponder in silence. Beautiful rotunda on top of the hill, it says " I will lift up my eyes" and more.

  2. That memorial at Parkwood is such a peaceful setting that it must be a great help in some recoveries.

  3. It is definitely serene. If I had owned a poppy today I would have worn it. It seems like a veteran's memorial should be wheelchair accessible, does it not?

  4. That looks like a beautiful memorial. I can see why the area would have a calming peaceful feeling:)

  5. Both monuments are a good reminder of the ones who suffered in the war.

  6. YES, monuments should be accessible to all!

  7. Quite a contrast between the two memorials.

  8. I enjoyed seeing your photographs, but surely monuments should be accessible to all.

    All the best Jan

  9. It is a beautiful area. Our capital is full of so many memorials. We do have a few on the grounds of our state capitol also.