Saturday, January 27, 2018

Winter Barns

Driving down into the valley a few days ago, I stopped to get a few barn pictures.  These ones are pretty familiar to me, and I've taken photos of them from various angles, in various seasons.

This is one of my favourite barns.  It sits near the end of a dead-end road, and I know the owner.  I like the juxtaposition of the fence and outbuildings, as well as the big barn itself.

I doubt the small building has been used in decades, and I'm not sure how much use the barn gets other than for storage.

But someone certainly took their time building it originally.  Look at the extra trim on the eastern gable end.  It's being well maintained too.

A hazy day when I drove by and took this one.  The fence is probably more interesting than the barn, photographically speaking.

This is a sad one that's a long distance from the road.  Viewed from this angle you can see it's on its way out!

A seasonal comparison.

Close up (I had my telephoto lens with me that day), it appears that there's little left of it except one end wall plus a bit.

This is one of those farms where the farmhouse is gone, but the barn has been retained.  The land is just used for cash crops now.

Taken from a slightly different angle, but this was in October when the big machines rolled in to harvest the soybean crop this year.

Walking efforts continue here, another 10,000 step day.  Mrs. F.G. is so inspired she's been out walking with me.  Nice to have company sometimes.

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  1. Wow, leaving the quilty stuff and out with you, that is a huge .. I was going to say sacrifice.. but on second thoughts... fun thing to do in winter. Certainly would warm up the circulation. I love the two seasons' photos of the same rolling hill.

  2. I love old barns, and some good ones here! Some great old fences, too. Good for you with 10K steps... that's quite a distance!

  3. The first photo is a really artistic rendering or the old barn.

  4. I enjoyed seeing you wintry barn images. Something so cool about old buildings and old wood.

  5. Wonderful images. I love the contrast of the snow and fences and barns.

    I'm back from my blog break - and working on getting a more regular routine of blogging again - and finally getting around to catching up on blog reading.

  6. it is nice to have company on walks, each can inspire the other!! the barns are beautiful, i really liked the first one and the fence surrounding it!!

    and you still have snow, ours is all gone!!

  7. Always a bit of sadness when I see barns like that in their final stages of collapse. Once proud buildings that have for many years served a number of useful purposes including shelter for animals and crops alike. I see in the farm fields a fair bit of snow has melted. Spring is just around the next half dozen corners................

  8. Hello, it is great that both of you are out there doing your steps and walks. The barns and countryside are beautiful. Lovely series. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

  9. Great barn shots, feels like old times. And I'm so glad you are getting back into some walking, and even inspiring your partner! :-)

  10. I love the comparison of seasons and those abandoned sheds were always interesting to us as kids. Now I wouldn't be so brave to go and investigate (but I'd love to!)
    nice job on the walking, you are putting me to shame!

  11. I share your admiration for that first barn, it looks particularly good in the snow. I guess we'll see a lot more telephoto shots now you have a Sherpa to carry your equipment for you.

  12. Nice barns in the snow. Don't have that privilege out here---maybe in February.

  13. Wonderful wintery shots! That first barn reminds me somewhat of my cousin's barn. He just uses it for storage. Equipment and the cold storage are contained in a different building, and have been for many years.

  14. Congratulations on the steps and how nice that mrs fg walks with you too. I've asked Ken many times, but he always says no. Actually I'd rather walk by myself anyway. : )
    Nice collection of barn photos.

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