Sunday, January 7, 2018

Puzzle of the Day

So the puzzle of the day for you is:  What are these patterns?

It's about the size of a nickel.

This one's about two nickels and a baby nickel smushed together.

It makes quite a difference whether you photograph them against the white background of the snow, or the distant dark background of the pine trees.

Got the answer yet?  They're snow splotches, collections of tiny snow crystals blown together to form a splotch on your screen or window.  On a screen door, not surprisingly, you get hundreds of them which form very easily in the right breeze.

But in the right conditions, they even form on glass, I guess because the exterior surface of the glass is so cold it can hold them in place - unless the wind gets too blustery and they get blown away.

Here's that screen door by the end of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, it was a deceiving end to our cold snap.  It's only -7°C out now, quite a bit warmer, thanks to those southerly winds (above) that have pushed the cold Arctic air out of the way.  But with the change in air masses, it's windy (surprise, surprise!).  In fact it's very windy, averaging 35-40 km/h today, which meant both that it still felt cold, and that you were getting tiny crystals of snow blown in your face.  Supposed to be 4 more inches of snow tonight for school starting tomorrow, but then temperatures will be more normal - until the rain on Tuesday!!

Remember that bomb cyclone a few days ago on the U.S. east coast?  Here it is today, off the southeast of Greenland.  Quite the remarkable pattern!

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  1. All I can see are quilt patterns in almost every photo, specially the bottom one. That would be hand dyed fabric in a big way!! keep warm.

  2. The weather can look beautiful on screen, electronic or otherwise.

  3. Those are very interesting patterns and I sure wouldn't have known what they are if you hadn't told me. Glad the deep freeze is beginning to loosen its grip on your part of the country. :-)

  4. No, didn't guess it. Trust you to find something so interesting in snow. See, we knew you'd enjoy the Ontario winter somehow! :)

  5. Cool shots...snow was my second guess...I was thinking seeds but thought no, probably snow.

  6. That weather system off the coast of Greenland looks like it's getting close to the UK, but not apparently heading our way any time soon as fog and mist are forecast for later this week. I once spent an interesting hour photographing raindrops on the window, but even so did not recognise the snow.

  7. Oh that's very very cool with the snow splotches. It's been extra hot here lately including that Summer storm we had.

  8. Cool patterns, the snow makes interesting shapes. I am hoping for a warmer week. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  9. They say that EVERY snowflake is different from another one... I believe it.. Those snow splotches are so unique... Love your macros.....

    Stay WARM.... Makes me shiver!!!!


  10. Lots of people don't have a Photographers eye and you have an exceedingly sharp one and the imagination to create something beautiful with it. Fabulous Work.
    Stay Warm and Enjoy the warmer weather heading your way.

    It's about time.

  11. I kind of thought snow by the third picture.
    Warmed up here too to 33 F but it is snowing again.

  12. I guessed it right but thought it was against a window and not a screen.

  13. Snow is pretty, even up close like that.

    We've been getting more all day.

  14. I love the patterns I get on the screens! Not looking forward to the rain.

  15. Hi ... I'm visiting from 'breathtaking'. Look forward to seeing your neck of the woods. I'l be BACK.

    Cheers, Mac