Thursday, May 7, 2015

Big Trees and Blue Skies

On the rest of our outing to seek out large 'old growth' trees, we saw a lot of different very large trees, and behind them all were some beautiful blue early May skies.  Make sure you notice those blue skies behind the branches!

Our first stop was at Inglis Falls where we walked one of the woodland trails I had never explored before, and it was a beautiful, mature hardwood forest, with numerous Sugar Maples towering over our heads.

I loved the twisted branches of this old Beech tree.

And this was one of the largest Black Cherries I have ever seen!

Then we headed northeast and explored some rural roadsides in search of big trees that our trusty leader knew of.  We saw several huge open-grown Sugar Maples, with short but very fat trunks, up to just over 5' diameter!

This was one of several huge Cottonwoods along an unused road allowance.

The catkins were just coming into bloom, and this twig had fallen off the tree.

This was one of the more unusual Sugar Maples, like a tall thin triangle rising from the fat base.

And this was a tree I spotted by its different branch pattern.  It turned out to be a Horse Chestnut tree, certainly very unusual to find as a planted tree along a rural roadside.

As we admired one group of big trees, the army drove by!  There is a nearby training centre (locally known as the Meaford Tank Range), and these soldiers were out on manoevers I guess.

Finally a huge Hemlock, found in Ainslie Woods in the village of Leith.

Hope you noticed the beautiful skies behind the trees!  
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  1. i think the best view, is from under the tree!!!!

  2. You did a great job of capturing the character of each of the beautiful trees!

  3. I really like the shots where you are shooting straight up... great composition!

  4. Before the trees leaf out is when you can really see the structure of the trees. Great images!

  5. Lovely trees and sky shots.. The last photo is my favorite, beautiful! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  6. I've seen some big maples in my day, but that one is HUGE.

  7. Those tree branches are so artistic. Nature is wonderous. Have a good weekend!

  8. You managed to get some really good pictures of these trees. I find it difficult to show the immensity of them, but that last one captured it perfectly! :-)

  9. Liked all of your tree pictures. I love looking up at the sky through the trees too. They make great pictures.
    Is that you standing by that huge tree?

  10. I definitely noticed those blue skies, loved the twisty branches and most of all, was struck (as I always am) by the wonder with which you view your precious world.