Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cuckoo Valley Overlook

To finish yesterday's post, we walked through the woods, then followed the trail uphill beside the stream, and then we turned toward the lookout.  It wasn't far, and the valley opened up in front of us; the colours were spectacular!  (Remember, this was two weeks ago).

This is looking toward Cuckoo Valley itself.  Cuckoo Valley is a small cleft in the east side of the much larger Beaver Valley, where the Beaver River flows over Eugenia Falls, tumbles down the rocky ravine, and is joined by the Boyne River to continue north toward Georgian Bay.  Eugenia Falls is just out of sight on the left, beyond the open limestone cliffs you can see in the distance.

Sorry, I don't have a fall picture of Eugenia Falls.  It's an interesting place - there was a gold rush there over 150 years ago; turned out to be Fool's Gold!

This series of pictures starts on the left, looking north down the valley, and moves to the right through nearly 180° of fall colour!  You should be able to spot something on the right of each picture that shows up on the left of the next picture.  We just stood and gazed at the view for several minutes before turning back and heading home.  Probably my best fall colour views this year.

The smaller grey trees in some of the pictures are mostly Hawthorn, which lose their leaves very early.  Probably 90% of what you're seeing are Sugar Maples.  Even though it was a grey day and the atmosphere was moisture laden from recent rain, the colour turned out quite well.


  1. Wow! So much red colouring. What a beautiful view, and the falls are beautiful too.

  2. Oh yeah - these fall colors are gorgeous! I think rainy, overcast days are the best for photographing leaves.

  3. The sugar maples are beautiful, love the little reddish tree in the foreground of the last two. What an awesome place to observe the leaves.

  4. Oh those sugar maples have the prettiest colors of all. Beautiful!!!

  5. Thanks so for taking us along on the beautiful walk.

  6. Takes my breath away. We had a dry spring and summer this year so our fall colors are dull and the leaves are just curling up and falling off. But it was a delightfully unusually warm summer and we enjoyed it so much. In regular rainfall years we have colors to rival new England. in our corner of Washington.