Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Question for My Dutch Visitors

Hi, if you're visiting from the Netherlands, I hope you'll leave me a comment.

According to Blogger, over the past month I've had more visitors from the Netherlands than all other countries combined.  I'm grateful for the huge number of visits, but no-one among you has left even a single comment.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is happening?  Was this blog promoted on a popular website? Does the name of the blog have a secret meaning in Dutch?  Is it particularly interesting to you?  Is there a school where students are doing a big project on the 'Seasons'?  Or is there a hacker someplace who has programmed a computer to automatically sign on to this blog 400 times a day?

If any of you can leave a comment, I'd appreciate it.
The Furry Gnome


  1. It might be that you've got a regular Dutch member for your blog who posts a link in their sidebar for blogs they follow- check the sources for your blog views, where they're coming from, and that could be the reason.

    I get a number of visitors for my writing blog particularly, but also for the photoblog, from places like China or Indonesia, and those would be the spammers who leave the endless spam comments that get caught by the spam filters.

  2. Google Stats is full of anomalies like that. Just this morning I published a post and almost immediately got a comment back from a regular reader who resides in Japan. Out of interest I checked the 'audience' figure - no one from Japan has apparently visited!

  3. Blogger works in mysterious ways. Twice this summer I had lots of visitors from Moldavia! I would dearly like to know more about it.
    I also find strange that the blog address varies. In Britain my blog address ends in UK. The addresses of people commenting on my blog end in ca - what ever their country. Besides, whatever the time I publish a post, early in the morning or late at night, a friend in Britain tells me that my posts are indicated as having been published around 5 PM!!