Monday, October 27, 2014

And the Seasons Change...

The seasons here have changed again, from fall to late fall in my mind.  There are several changes that come together and strike me as marks of a major change in our world.  And we're entering a dull grey-brown season that many people don't really enjoy, though I do.

First, the leaves have almost all fallen.
This is a typical fencerow now; two weeks ago all brilliant orange.

These are about the last trees to turn colour, a cluster of oaks across the road in the morning sun.

Second, all the summer birds are gone, and we're left with just those who will stay all winter, like these Crows.  I saw my last Turkey Vulture about a week ago, the last to leave.  The Chickadees, Nuthatches, Goldfinch, Blue Jays and Woodpeckers will stay with us.  It's a subtle change to notice, since unlike spring, when they arrive and sing their hearts out, in fall they just quietly disappear.

This Monkshood has been the last flower to bloom in the garden, weathering the frost easily.  It's a nice flash of colour in October, but is also very poisonous!

The veggie garden is all put to bed and mulched with leaves.  (The front of these two beds is already planted with several varieties of garlic, which gets planted in October - see the green plant labels?).

But I was astonished that we got a fresh small bowl of raspberries off our plants the last few days!

And a large number of other fall chores are done (that's actually what's been occupying my time).  Snow tires on, deck chairs and tables away (the shed is stuffed full), hoses drained and put away, and of course the mower deck removed and the snowblower attached to the garden tractor, ready for the first of that white stuff!  Along with the warmer jackets, tuque and gloves I'm wearing now.

Finally, a subtle change I notice when I sit with my coffee in the morning and read other blogs is the position of the morning sun.  It's moved so far south now that I have to move to a different chair so that it's not glaring in my eyes.
So that's our world in late October.
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  1. We have some leaves still on the trees, but many have fallen, particularly with windy days.

  2. Lots of familiar scenes from the old days in Illinois. Thanks for sharing. That purple flower (Monkshead) is really beautiful. Love the color.

  3. HI There, I agree that there are lots of changes this time of year... I love Autumn --and yes, like you, I love it as winter approaches... On our vacation, many of the trees in the higher elevations were bare..... Amazing the differences we saw as we traveled in various elevations... Great photos!!!

    I published a cute blog today from our vacation in Cataloochee this past week. Check it out if you haven't yet.

  4. I am fascinated by the preparations you and others make as winter is near. Here, we leave hoses out, only the timers on the taps are removed, tyres stay the same, and a snow plough!! That is the best invention yet, but we, sadly, or maybe happily, don't need one. Your last of the autumn colours shows that beauty as nature winds down for winter's rest. Jean.

  5. Everything is changing very slowly and gradually on this side of the ocean. Even the weather is treating us to a late flourish. But the sun has changed its position in the sky and the winter migrants have arrived so things must change soon. Like you though I find crows on broken trees are also beautiful in their way.

  6. Autumn is a very interesting season; it seems to change from week to week. From a personal level, I don't like the colourless, late fall season. But from a photographer's point of view, I find it quite fascinating, and there are so many wonderful photo opportunities available as nature dies back. I love Monkshood! Those late season flowers are a welcome sight.

  7. Nice post! I really like your fall foliage photos

  8. The subtle and not so subtle changes of fall. The ones I don't really care for. :) The blooming monkshood is a bright spot in the landscape and fresh raspberries in October is a welcome sight. We still have fall chores to do outside, hopefully this Saturday.

  9. Looks like you're all ready for winter. Today is like summer here. : )
    Any snow flurries yet?
    Oh those raspberries look delicious.

  10. There's not much I don't like about October. Actually, I can't think of anything. Your late fall pics are beautiful. We're moving pretty gracefully into late fall down here, too. Haven't had a frost yet, but I'm sure it's not too far off. The juncos have come back. The purple flowers and the red raspberries are standouts!!

  11. Lovely lovely photos. We've done a little winter prep too - hoses drained - outdoor spigots insulated - deck things put away - spent plants pulled out of the planters - but thankfully no snow plow needed - but if we had snow I know we'd get at least a snow blower - or a good strong neighbor boy.

  12. Such an amazing, natural world we live in and you choose to share so beautifully.

  13. All those chores you've completed (except planting garlic) have been done here, too. I like this time of year - quiet and peaceful.

  14. The hoses are in. The small engine shop is supposed to pick up the snowblower for some repairs. The well hole has a new tarp over the cover. We are in the same mode.