Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter's First Blizzard

Woke up to a howling blizzard this morning, a good day to just stay inside.

Yesterday we took off and went to the Stratford Garden Festival, always a nice taste of early spring. It was above freezing, almost warm, and little snow down there. It started raining as we got home, and rained heavily in the evening - leaving me afraid the driveway would turn to ice again if it froze.

The forecast was for rising temperatures overnight and more rain, which may have happened for awhile, but then the cold front obviously came through and it all froze, with heavy strong winds and snow following. So today we look out at a blizzard of white, the worst storm we've had all winter. .......

...... This morning it's a different world, sunny with only thin cloud cover, and lots of snow. The winds died by 4 in the afternoon, but the lake streamers continued well into the evening, snowing quite heavily at times. So today we have a fresh 6 - 10" everywhere.

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