Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Colorado Low Brings Thunder and Lightning in February!!

The storm is here, snowing like mad outside, with a stiff east wind blowing snow in your face. I hope we get lots!

A day ago the storm was forecast as 5-10 cm. of snow; yesterday it was down to 2-4 cm of snow, mixed with freezing rain or rain; today the forecast says freezing rain followed by rain, but in fact it is snowing heavily. That's the variability of a Colorado low as it blows across the continent, depending on where the divide in temperatures is between below freezing and above.....................

Later ........... Well, it didn't amount to as much as I'd like, and then it did change to freezing rain for a short time, though not very much. Still, you can hear the ice crackling on the trees this morning. And there's a thin layer of ice in the middle of the 4-6" of new snow which crunches as you walk.

Driving home late last night we were suddenly startled by a loud bright explosion of light right in front of us, momentarily wondering what had just exploded. It turned out to be lightning, with rolling thunder and hail - in late February!! Lightning flashes, thunder and hail then accompanied us the rest of the way home.

And overnight we got more snow, this time heavy packing snow. So it's back to winter for now, even though rain is forecast tomorrow.

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