Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Hayfield

A couple of weeks ago I walked the farm next door with the dog, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, when there was still more snow on the ground. It wasn't very deep, but enough to use snowshoes, and we had a great walk. The only challenge was clicking the shutter before the dog romped through the middle of the picture. Several other neighbours had been out walking too, leaving their tracks down the edge of the fields.

Through our neighbour's farm, where they are no longer cutting hay - notice the weeds in the field above - we climb through the fencerow and come to the next neighbour's farm, which is wide open hayfields, bounded by beautiful borders of big old maple trees.

The old trees always fascinate me, with their grey gnarly branches, huge canopies, and the promise of maple syrup if you wanted. We once made maple syrup ourselves, using big old maple trees on our lot in Guelph. I think big trees are just one of my favourite things to try and photograph.

Looking up into the branches always make we wish for a tree fort - once of my favourite places when I was young.

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