Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Waterfalls - Webwood Falls

Webwood Falls, on a property newly donated to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, is another falls formed by the Manitoulin Formation. It was also the site of an old mill many years ago, a small wall of which remains. The stream flowing over the falls has carved out a deep, steep-sided gorge in the easily eroded Queenston Shale downstream.

In the closer view below you can see the thin limestone layers of the Manitoulin Formation, as well as the Ordovician shale below, in this location a bluish grey colour.

Webwood Falls is located on the 25th Sideroad east of County Rd. 7, one concession south of County Rd. 40. Unfortunately the falls faces directly away from the road, though it's only perhaps 50 feet away. You'll have to get out of your car to see it.

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