Friday, March 23, 2012

Hidden Waterfalls

Waterfalls in the Beaver Valley don't always fall from the top of the Escarpment. In fact, there may be more waterfalls created by the Manitoulin Formation that by the higher rock layers. This one, a short distance south of Johnson's Sideroad, is along the 'Falling Water Trail', that part of the Bruce Trail extending south of Bowles Hill,

Visiting some of the waterfalls along the trail may be one of the easiest places to see the Manitoulin Formation up close.

The thin limestone layers of the Manitoulin Formation form the hard upper layer, over which this waterfalls plunges.

At the bottom of the falls, the very top of the Ordovician Formation, here a dark reddish shale, is exposed.

In the winter, this falls was just a vertical curtain of ice; by now it will be flowing heavily.

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